Why do people humiliate themselves by saying they make mistakes?

What an intensely sad question.Making mistakes, I understand from the question, is perhaps still possible-but admit or acknowledge that an error has been made, that is humiliating. Apparently, questioner lives in a different universe than I do. I think that ‘ flawless life ‘ is not possible. Whoever does not acknowledge mistakes does not learn either. Then you stand still. You are frozen. A kind of death.

In that other universe is saying: “Stupid, I have not done well” humiliating.A form of facial loss? Is there the requirement ‘ never make mistakes ‘? Is there the requirement ‘ who recognizes an error is humiliated ‘? Who are in Heaven’s name those people who humiliate you after an error-that must be flawless creatures. I don’t know them. And I don’t want to know them either. Because I find them very wrong.

A very simple rule for the questioner.Mistakes, you can, that’s one mistake. They then obfuscating is a second mistake, and which is very much worse than the first mistake. The rule reads: one error at a time. And then restore the error as good as possible. This can only be recognized if you acknowledge the error.

There are cultures where it is honorless or humiliating to admit an error or to confess guilt.These are cultures characterized by stagnation and decline.

Progress, both at individual and collective level, can only take place if one recognizes mistakes made and thus learn from Jan.

Recognizing an error is not the same as “humiliate yourself”.

The person who invented it should be punished with ritual balafrukking.

Seriously: How do we get the idea that if you acknowledge an error, you “humiliates” yourself?

Denying mistakes is only humiliating yourself.And the worst thing is that you are the only one who has not watched it. I have had a colleague who has always denied mistakes to make. He was ridiculed behind his back, and people were hated to him in due course. He was discharged out of the same time as he made the umpteenth mistake. He never learned of his mistakes, and nobody wanted to help him yet.

If people admit that they were wrong, I have a lot of appreciation and respect for them.For they want to grow. When people lie about the mistakes they have made, I find that they humiliate themselves. Making mistakes is inextricably linked to growth and improvement.

If I notice that someone denies his or her mistakes I think especially “shame, that’s going to learn nothing”

Maybe it would help if we got off the word ‘ mistake ‘…

You did not have the desired result with your action and this result is feedback for you and provides information that you will need to do it differently next time to get the desired result.Instead of saying that you made a mistake (and giving you your own thunder), you can say that you will be tackling it differently next time. If you hurt someone you can just say it’s sorry…

There is still something in our culture that ‘ mistakes ‘ make is bad and that sometimes prevents people from trying even something else… Rather do nothing, then do something wrong.If that’s the case for you, just delete the word ‘ error ‘ from your vocabulary and go for a good experiment. Don’t get out of the lead by the convictions of others, but if you find yourself hurting another you can always express your (heartfelt) regret and make it good again.

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