Why do people have sex with sex dolls?

For the same reason that people have sex toys and masturbate: As a way of sexual expression.Of course there are quite a few prejudices and misconceptions about consumers of sex toys.

It is not only old lonely knarren or oversexest women, but also many self-conscious and positive Epicureans, who have no problem with experimenting to give themselves a good time.

As a heavily inhibited Christian, it has helped me tremendously to look at myself and give a lot of self-confidence and in a positive way to look at individual sexuality and cultivate it.


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What an unusual question, but interesting.

From my experience, a sex doll is fun to experience a fantasy that real people are often not or difficult to open for.You cannot force anyone to go along with it, even your beloved. Then a doll is a good alternative to fill out those unintended desires anyway.

I have been sitting poking around for some quotes from owners of sex dolls about why they actually bought a sex doll:

“I was just getting used to getting into an empty house after a stressful day at work.I just have to see my doll in the corner smiling and then I know that everything goes well. I realise that my house is still empty, but with my dolls it doesn’t feel empty. “

“I was just tired of being alone and I didn’t want to continue the rest of my life that way.” I think a fake girl is even better than no girl at all.Also, a girl with whom I could realistically be seen together would not look as good as some of the dolls being sold. “

“I was married for 25 years but the marriage was on the cliffs after I was unhappy most of the last ten years.Now that I’m Bachelor again, the last thing I want is a new relationship. Hot-sores do not complain, never have headaches and do not give me any worries. “

“I started with a latex balloon fetish in my childhood and that grew into inflatable dolls and Silicone Dolls. 芒 鈧?/p>

芒 鈧?艗the dolls are for me no substitute for a relationship.They do allow me to fulfill my imagination. “

“I was tired of being alone.Most women with whom I tied a relationship became angry when the racing season started. I went to work on race cars in most weekends. I didn’t wish to make those headaches anymore. “

“It seems that the whole dating and wedding game has become a kind of trap for men.No matter how you try to play it as a man. The woman will always hold all the cards in hand and probably use them at any given time. 芒 鈧?p>

芒 鈧?艗dolls are a good wise alternative.They meet my needs well. “

“Playing with my GI Joe was fun as a kid, but it was only really fun when my niece asked me to play with her Barbies (I had Ken).Ken did naughty things with the Barbies when she was gone. “

“Never had a girlfriend, tried to dating online for years without success, I had reached a point in my life, where I thought: A doll is better than no female presence in my life at all.”

“With silicone sex dolls I can be myself, I don’t have to think of anything to seduce them to be with me (which I was never really good at).They are always there for me and they do not judge me. I don’t feel pressured to change into what they expect from me. Admittedly, they are not a substitute for real human interaction. But I have plenty of friends and family for social interaction.

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