Why do people get drunk?

Because they:

  • do not have a high self-esteem.

As a result, they drink because alcohol lifts the inhibition threshold and you dare to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.Example: address the opposite gender.

  • Because you forget your problems in a state of intoxication. However, this short-term thinking leads to some problems: as soon as you sober up, the problems are back, and you have less money and more headaches and health problems.
  • To trigger dopamine and other happiness hormones in the brain. However, this can quickly result in a dependence on alcohol and then you really have problems.

However, there are healthy alternatives to triggering this state of intoxication. These include:

  1. Sport.

Hard training releases endorphins.

  • Diet.
  • Healthy diets can sustainably increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.

  • Guarana and unprocessed cocoa.
  • Cocoa is now even used as a new party drug in Berlin! You have to be careful! There is a new party drug and every supermarket sells it

  • The combination of cordyceps and grape juice.
  • I have already recommended this combo instead of alcohol to many people and even brought some away from drinking! The best Cordyceps booster on the market is, in my opinion, Lavavitae’s. Also keeps awake for a very long time without pushing unpleasantly and is especially interesting for athletes!

    • want to experience adventure. Alcohol often produces stories that you like to tell because something “funny” has happened.

    But it is much funnier if you build your confidence to be able to experience such adventures even without alcohol!

    • are at the mercy of the group compulsion!

    Even at a young age, people are confronted with alcohol in this day and age.If there is no corresponding education of the parents in the background, the drug is assumed to be normal for society. Besides, there is alcohol to buy at every party and celebration and that doesn’t make it easy for many to say no when 5 other drinkers are waiting for you!

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