Why do people die from light food?

Five of the more than 60,000 people (so-called Praniers) died between 1997 and 2017, when they made the so-called 21-day trial (in four cases unaccompanied and without help nearby – partly also in nature).
The causes of death were collapse with consecutive cardiovascular failure, brain stroke, hypothermia, dehydration with consecutive renal failure, depletion (starvation) and more.Your organism has not tolerated the burden of stopping the food and fluid intake and other factors.
All the remaining 59,995 so-called Praniers (as of 2017) who have gone through the 21-day process (a radical change to light food) promoted by Australian Ellen Greve (Yasmuheen) have not died from it, even though he has seen them in many cases may have brought to the limit of their usual life framework.

Statistical data on the sensitivities of the Pranier candidates
during the 21-day process
20% suffer greatly during the NCP.
⚑ 70% survive the LNP.
⚑ 10% fly during the LNP.So was Jasmuheen’s experience,
only at their first light food process in 1993.
⚑ 2%
of Praniers maintain the practice of not eating for several months / longer term.

Those who died as a result of the light food process (according to press reports)
German Timo Degen (d. Cardiovascular Failure in Munich, March 1997)
New Zealander Lani Morris (d. brain stroke and kidney failure in Melbourne, June 1998)
Australians Verity Linn (d. dehydration and hypothermia in Scotland September 1999)
Eastern Swiss Anna Gut [Pseudonym (d. Winter 2011)
German from Hamburg Finn Bogumil (d. on the Caribbean island of Dominica, November 2017)
Bogumil took drugs and received psychiatric treatment in 2015.

From a medical point of view, the crass 3-week transition to light food is dangerous due to the increase in excretion-dependent substances (creatinine and urea) in the body and their toxicity.

  • The spiritually oriented fasting doctor Dr.

Rüdiger Dahlke did not eat food or liquid for seven days out of professional interest and then ate nothing for seven weeks afterwards.He felt great about it, slept little, was highly active, experienced a Kunda-lini rise. He advises because of possible long-term organic damage
from the pranic radical cure with dehydration consequences.

  • The Munich psychologist Wolfgang Schmidbauer suspects “an unacknowledged spiritually inflated anorexia” behind the Inedia phenomenon.
  • Nutritionist D. Johnsen classifies them as “actually criminal.”
  • For a decade (1994-2004), the Australian Yasmuheen promoted the 21-day process (especially in German-speaking countries) with books, interviews and seminars.Five years after the third death as a result of the radical transition to non-food, she has stopped promoting this sometimes life-threatening process.

    • Jasmuheen now distances himself from the radical fasting cure [21-day process. Apparently, it has become scary for her.”
      Article Fed by Light – to death, presented by the national Swiss daily Daily Tages-Anzeiger, Hugo Stamm, journalist, sect expert, 27 April 2012

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