Why do people believe in aliens or Not?

That’s a very good question, the problem is you can’t answer it objectively because the evidence is missing and you have to interpret what scientists have put in place.But let’s separate the two questions, because they are very different from each other.

  1. Why do people believe in aliens
  2. Why don’t people believe in aliens

Why humans believe in aliens can be put into perspective: Why do people believe in dragons or other mythical creatures like the Hydra or Chimera.Many of these mythical creatures come from the human imagination. It is thought that humans, for example, used to find bones of extinct mammoths and thought they were giants or cyclops.

But another example of the origin of belief in aliens can also be found in human development from antiquity to the Renaissance.It should not be forgotten that civilisations on Earth would not have developed simultaneously if the Roman Empire had arrived in Japan before 400 AD, the Japanese would probably have thought that they were dealing with aliens. Due to the technological advantage in weapons and armament manufacturing in the Iron Age. (I take Japan as an example because, by popular means, Japanese Katana is still considered the most advanced weapon, which is simply not true).

Japan 400 AD:

Roman Empire:

A real example in this day and age:

(South America, New Guinea)

This indigenous people has seen a flying metal bird in the sky and opened fire with the bow.

If the technological advantage is toogreat, then it is no longer rationally comprehensible to man.

That’s why we try to explain things in a way that makes sense.

So when you say, “This is sure to come from another planet!” then you take the pressure off yourself to understand something, because then it is psychologically out of its own reach.

There are some “flying saucers” in historical manuscripts or in murals:

These are the reasons why, according to my interpretation, people believe in aliens.

On the second, much tougher question:

Why some people do not believe in aliens is very hotly debated in science at the moment by astronomers, philosophers and also in some other fields.


The Drake Equation

The Fermi Paradox

Part requirement:

The Copernic principle

The Rare Earth Hypothesis

I would like to say at this point that I myself believe that there are no aliens in our galaxy.

However, I will try to present both sides with their points as neutrally as possible in a summary between the above references, which I interpreted.

The formula for the possibility of extraterrestrial life:

The formula means nothing more than trying to put a number on paper by combining different logical conclusions from different sciences:

  • How many stars are born in our Galaxy each year?
  • How many of these stars have planets at all?
  • How many of these planets can build an eco-system
  • How many planets do you get to create life?
  • How many of these planets are developing intelligent life?
  • How many of these creatures manage to invent interstellar communication?
  • Finally, how many of these creatures survive and can continue to communicate?

Some of these questions can be answered with significantly different numbers, depending on the interpretation.

You can get numbers of up to 15.6 million, or even just N.1 which means “there’s only us”.

Now that we have a playing frame of 1 to 15.6 million, the Fermi Paradox comes into play.

So if one were to assume that there really are over 15 million living civilizations that have at least our stage of development, then one wonders (or in this case Enrico Fermi): “Where are they all?”

There are a few dozen hypotheses about the Fermi Paradox.From “It’s dangerous to send signals, that’s why the aliens don’t report” to “We live in a zoo controlled by aliens” Planetarium hypothesis.

An important detail and problem is the Mediocrity principle, that is, the assumption that we humans and our Earth, solar system is nothing special and there are very often such phenomena out there.

The Complexity of the Earth

The Earth formed together with our solar system 4.6 billion years ago, and landed in the Habitable Zone

As you can see there is not a lot of room for mistakes, a bit too far away and you have Mars, where everything is too cold, a bit too close and you have 462 degrees(galloping greenhouseeffect).

Mars once had an atmosphere, but not only because it was too cold there, but also because it did not have the mass to generate enough heat inside to provide the magnetic field, it was blown away by the solar wind.

To prevent this from happening, a planet must have a magnetic field.

The Earth has a magnetic field, and for your mass and rotation speed a pretty good one. Now the Giant-impact hypothesis applies which says that the moon, and some other rocks, have popped to the earth and the interior, i.e. the heavy elements like metals, have connected to the Earth.

Here’s a video:

Early Earth Took a Heavy Beating After the Moon Was Formed

Due to the strong magnetic field of the earth, it is protected against the strong solar winds of the sun and can develop and hold an atmosphere.

Now, however, the Earth still needs life for intelligent people to develop from it.

For this we need carbon, nitrogen, water & hydrogen, oxygen & O2 , amino acids, carbon dioxide and then all the quantity elements such as calcium, phospor etc and still the trace elements, such as iron and iodine.

This is the material we need for us to be possible at all.But before that, there is still 4 billion years of evolution to get from the then bacteria to today’s more or less intelligent humans.

The Great Filter – (Great Filter)

Now that we know so much about the circumstances it takes for you to read what I’m writing here and knowing that something’s wrong out there, some people are wondering if there’s a filter.

A really heavy filter on which almost every of the 15 million civilizations from above has failed? Then the question arises, is the filter in front of us, or behind us?

If one assumes (like me) that the origin of life or evolution itself is the great filter, then one comes up with the idea that it could really be N 1, that we humans are the only ones and there is none out there.

Anyone who has read up to this point and looked at the individual articles will be able to get his own, in-depth picture, whether he wants to believe in aliens or not.

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