Why do people believe in a God?

In addition to the book by Richard Dawkins (as Riemer Thalen indicates), the book by Michael Shermer ‘ Why do people believe weird things ‘ is also highly recommended in this.Look also his Ted Talk about this phenomenon:

Why people believe weird things

In principle, there is often only one reason why people believe something: they want to believe it.The other is: they have never heard otherwise, so the frame of reference is limited to a worldview in which it MUST be.

Imagine that we would educate children with the idea that the sun is a big dragon, which spews fire.It takes 140 years for the fireball to sag the world. If the children do not behave, it will be sooner. What is the consequence? Because the children will not become of all 140 years and probably often get half to 2/3 of the age, the image of the next generation will have already adjusted itself. It may still be, no one has deforce it. If they are brought up anti-scientifically, any information that contradicts it will automatically deny it unconscious.

Gods (as Bertrand Russell also showed with his ‘ history of Modern philosophy ‘) are very changing and, like general words, easy to use.They can be anything. For the 1 they are important parts of their life, for the other they are only background noise, except if they can take advantage in a conversation.

Read 芒 鈧?艙The God delusion芒 鈧?from Richard Dawkins.There are almost all the reasons why people need a God and are discussed with religion. E.g.:

  1. To explain the world.

Everything that people had not made themselves had to be made by higher powers: 芒 鈧?艙God created the aarde芒 鈧?

  • To be able to turn away from the feeling of danger: prayers and sacrifices allow you to vote for the gods.
  • for social cohesion.
  • People need harmony and unity. The sacred rules of a religion provide guidelines that apply to everyone.

  • To enforce power by the leaders: whoever is appointed by the God, or who speaks on behalf of the God, must be obeyed without contradiction.
  • See also Dawkins.

    Actually, the idea of God is very logical.Atheists say there is no God, but there is no evidence for that. In The science one speaks about cause and consequence. Everything always has a cause and resulting consequences. Everything we do today is ultimately a result of the Big Bang. But scientists don’t know what caused the Big Bang. Even if the Big Bang has a cause, what is the cause of that? Surely it is not logical that there is an infinite chain of causes and consequence? Somewhere must be a beginning and that beginning is God. God stands above the laws of nature. He makes the laws of nature. He so mighty that he needs no start and end. God wants the world to exist and that is why it is there. That is not to say that God must be personified. God is everywhere, but not outside the universe, because the universe is all there is. God is the universe. The universe just wants to exist. Surely it is not logical that a few mathematical formulas create a universe? Something or someone has to give a push to bring everything into effect.

    Because they have been indoctrinated from birth to a certain faith.Depending on the time and place they are born they believe in this or gene God or gods, depending on the prevailing culture.

    God says:

    芒 鈧?艙God has authority over all things, and organizes and ranks everything, shares each of his kind, and each of them has its own position, as God will.Whatever the great thing is, nothing can pass through God, and all things stand in the service of mankind created by God, and none of them dare to disobey God or make demands on God. And thus man, as the creature of God, must also fulfill the duty of man. Regardless of whether he is ruler or not, or master of all things, however high the status of man is in all things, he remains only a small man under the dominion of God and is not more than an insignificant man, a creature of God , and will never emerge above God. As a creature of God, man should want to perform the duty of a creature of God, to love God without making other choices, for God is worthy of Man’s love. 芒 鈧?芒 鈧?虄Success or failure depend on the path that man Wandert芒 鈧劉

    芒 鈧?艙God created this world and brought in it man, a living being that he gave life.

    In turn, man got parents and family and was no longer alone. From the moment man first focused his eyes on this material world, he was destined to exist within God’s ordination. It is God’s breath of life that supports every living being throughout his growth to adulthood. During this process, no one believes that man lives and grows up under the care of God. Man prefers that he grows up under the care and with the love of his parents and that his growth is determined by his instinct to live. This is because man does not know who has donated life or where it came from, let alone how the instinct to live miracles brings forth. Man only knows that food is the basis of the continuation of life, that perseverance is the source of the existence of life and that faith in his own mind is for the benefit of his survival. Man does not feel the grace and supply of God. Man wastes the life bestowed upon him by God… not 脙 漏 脙 漏 n man where God looks at day and night takes the initiative to worship him. God continues to work as planned on man, of whom he has no more expectations. He does so in the hope that one day man will awaken from his dream and suddenly contain the value and purpose of life, and will understand at what price God has given him everything and how fervent God desires that man return to him. 芒 鈧?虄God I s the source of life of the Mens芒 鈧劉

    芒 鈧?艙God created this world, he created this mankind, and was also the architect of classical Greek culture and human civilization.Only God comforts this humanity, and only God cares day and night for this humanity. Human development and progress is inseparable from the sovereignty of God, and the history and future of humanity are inextricably intertwined with the design of God. If you are a true Christian then you will surely believe that the rise and fall of every country or nation according to the design of God is progressing. God alone knows the fate of a country or nation, and God only has the course of this humanity. If humanity wants to have a good fate, if a country wants to have a good fate, then man in worship must bow to God, repent and expose himself to God, otherwise the fate and destiny of mankind will inevitably end in a catastrophe.

    Think back to the time of Noah’s Ark: Humanity was hugely corrupted, was of God’s Blessing Strayed, was no longer cared for by God, and the promises of God were lost.They lived in darkness, without the light of God. And so they became unbanked in nature and lost themselves in gruesome destruction. That kind of people could no longer receive the promise of God; They were unable to see from the face of God, or to hear God’s voice, for they had abandoned God, had all that he had given them from himself, and had forgotten the lessons he had taught them. Their hearts wandered further and farther away from God, and because this happened they were corrupted, retarded and inhumane, and became increasingly malicious. Thus they approached death increasingly, and were subjected to the anger and punishment of God. Only Noah Worused God and went out of the way, and was so able to hear the voice of God and hear the instructions of God. He built the Ark according to the instructions of God’s word and gathered all kinds of living creatures. And that way, when all the preparations had been made, God let go of his destruction in the world. Only Noah and the seven members of his family survived the destruction, for Noah worshipped Jehova and went out of the way. 芒 鈧?虄God has the fate of the whole mens芒 鈧劉

    芒 鈧?艗because man is made by God and the senseless sacrifices and quests of man can only bring forth more unrest.Man will live in a constant state of fear, he will not know how to meet the future of mankind, or how he can cope with the way to the future. Man will even feel fear of science and knowledge, and become more afraid of the emptiness in his inner. In this world, whether you live in a free country or in a country without human rights, you are completely powerless to escape the fate of humanity. Whether you reign or be ruled, you really cannot escape the desire to investigate the fate, the riddling and the destiny of humanity. Even less, you are able to escape from the alienating sensation of emptiness. These kinds of phenomena, which are very common for all mankind, are called social phenomena by sociologists, but no great man can come forward to solve those problems. After all, man is only a man. No man can take the place of God in life. Humanity not only needs a just society in which everyone is well-nourished, equal and free, but also to the salvation of God and his living facilities to them. Only when man receives the salvation of God and his living facilities can the necessities, the urge to investigate, and the spiritual emptiness of man be solved. 芒 鈧?虄God has the fate of the whole mens芒 鈧劉

    From ‘Online Bible Study

    In short: Science tells us HOW we came into the world, but people also desire the WHY.It is the reason that many people, including modern rational minds, continue to seek because the answers there are not satisfying them, because in their perception they do not do justice to their issues.

    Everyone is in his own way trying to handle the WHY and places in his life and religion and belief are there for many a tool, but also philosophy, ethics and hedonism are popular.Exact science also offers answers, but not to the extent that it satisfies everyone.

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    Perhaps there is a God.But what I do not believe is that God is a micromanager and is aware of every exchange. Just as the president of China knows not every Chinese (more than 1 billion) of his country, God will know that your ueberhaupt exists. One has to satisfy oneself with the investigation of physical. Chemical and biological phenomena. And exploit the potential of the acquired knowledge.

    Only a personal answer is possible.That is why I like to turn the question. Why shouldn’t people believe in God?

    Even linguistically: A god, or God?

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