Why do narcissists sometimes seem so authentic?

And then again not authentic?

People with personality disorder have had to split off the authentic self in order to survive as a child.

On the one hand, therefore, they do everything possible to play this role of the grandiose self well – they observe very closely, for example, how “one” behaves and postulates in this way and therefore also defend these “man-laws” very gladly to absolute truths, on the other hand they often have to to keep the brittle world view together.

They sometimes learn a bombastic rhetoric to defend the world of “man laws”, sometimes they learn a religious theory on the icing on the cake, in order to always have arguments at hand – again others learn to silence their partners by insulting them If someone questions their behaviour, or if someone wants to demand a real response, there is criticism such as a tsunami that distracts from the partner’s concern and leaves the partner rather battered.

The false self is defended with anger and tricks and teeth and claws.The narcissist believes himself and thus becomes more and more convinced of his own building of lies.

My ex loved to accuse me of not talking about the rental fraudster who caused me 鈧?8ooo damage because he couldn’t help me in this story.If I was actually a little concerned, however, he began to move unrestrainedly over his lover, who had separated from him while we were still in divorce, had separated from him and had chosen his instructor as his new friend.

The girl was only 17 or 18 when he met her, and pictured.He later rediscovered her on TV at night while consuming and was terribly indignant that he had to witness her descent into the immoral.

His outrage seemed authentic, even though he had nailed no rights to her for a long time, even though he was the one who had left the wife and baby who supported pornography as a user, he had to take responsibility for it alone for eight years. younger girls; and all this, having “forbidden” me to talk badly about the rental fraudster for moral reasons just in the same conversation.

All this happened in a telephone conversation.I was a little sick after that for a week because his “authenticity” had told me the bad karma and he was dazzling: he had once again found an opportunity to speak up his own righteousness and prove to me how petty I was, that I had left the current suffering of the need for money so close to me through the guilt of a stranger that it actually disturbed my peace of mind.

Do you see how authentic he was temporarily?It was only in the next therapy session that it dawned on me that he had once again tied up his bear for me, even though we had only made a friendly phone call.

People with narcissistic disorders sometimes seem dangerously convincing.When they need it, they sell you their grandma and still work holy.

If you are not awake and can immediately see the building of lies behind every authenticity, you are always in danger of being totally manipulated.

Millions of Americans, meanwhile, are still falling for the authentic outrage of a Donald Trump who, in full conviction, denounces 90% of the press as fake news for increasingly exposing his criminal deals.Still, he still has hardcore followers who would still go through the fire for him.

Beware of narcissists who seem authentic.They’ve probably just defended a terrible pig deal again and you’re left confused and convinced of their authenticity.

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