Why do narcissists reject love?

Why do the narcissists reject love?

A process understanding is important for answering the question.It begins with the great need to be loved.

Love Bombing Phase

The narcissist is in a frenzy full of hope for love and security.Like a graceful virgin, he enters his stage of innocence. He smells their precious scent of all fragrances – he does him so well, after all the mief that all the long-forgotten other unspeakable and unworthy dilettantes left in him. He displaces his sulfur experiences and straightens his white vest one last time. Show time.

“This time it will be fine!” – “THAT is she!” – “This woman will love me!” – “I finally made it!” – “A miracle has happened, I have finally found her!”

Since the co-addict is now assigned the role of the Redeemer to his martyrdom, she also hides that she was not the first in his casting show to this leading role.

The narcissist loves this phase within a “relationship.”He actually begins it as a virgin, free from all his siff and dirt of days gone by.He sniffs her fragrance and now helps hernot to be too reserved in the gift of love and security, and draws the role tailored for her from his repertoire.She will love her!

While she finally understands the gift of God to the women’s world and cannot grasp her chosen self, she does not notice the tiny puncture of the peripheral vein lingering cannula that has just been laid.It was just a small puncture to start its supply.

Devaluation and disposal phase

If a“relationship” is built up, the phase of devaluation and disposal begins.At this stage, his opening white vest takes its damage and he will not miss an opportunity to succumb to it with it in his own fashionable abysses. Of course you will be to blame for the exponentially rising cleaning costs. At this stage he can no longer allow closeness because his mask has already slipped and he must constantly expend enormous power and energy to destroy your fragrance – because it belongs to him – he wants to smell like you!He struggles to gag the voice of his sense of shame (which, besides yours, also torments him) and he rages because he feels that he has become dependent on you. Did he make such an effort to appear and stay virginally and pure before you.But you had to break everything; with your questions and confused feelings and questions. Couldn’t you just accept the role as he lovingly created it for you? It was ungrateful! Just ungrateful!

But he is not giving up yet.

Like an obsessed animal, he will tap off your arm to look for a suitable vein to which he can re-enter.The other was clogged, just clogged! As if by senses, he pokes around your body to get his feed.But you will be too exhausted. You don’t notice his punctures anymore; you have become too deaf. But you love him and want to supply him further and so you offer him your inner throttle vein and only slowly notice how you hang on to it. But he wants and needs your supply! His impotence in your mummified self to find nothing useful and to find it makes him angry. He will take revenge for your removal!

He can’t be dependent on anyone!Only the weak are dependent! The narcissist will never understand that he is an addict.A narcissist is a feed junkie and will ALWAYS depend on others to confirm its phantom self.

This is the moment when the narcissist contemplates the first phase; how free and unbiased she was – when his feed splashed out of her vein.And so our hero sets out while you lie at home in yourkitchen, and looks for this new beautiful flower with this remarkable fragrance, because he is convinced:

“This time it will be fine!” – “THAT is she!” – “This woman will love me!” – “I finally made it!” – “A miracle has happened, I have finally found her!”

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