Why do narcissists insist on hurting the people they claim to love?

A narcissist insists on hurting the people he ostensibly loves because it makes him feel superior and powerful and believes he is sitting on the pusher.

The narcissist will do everything he can to protect his image of superiority, including the abuse of trust in those he loves most.

A problem only arises when the built-up impression of trying to convey the narcissists is somehow called into question.

A narcissist’s worst nightmare is to be uncovered. A narcissist is an extremely weak individual who hates when others question his authority or challenge his ego. As soon as a narcissist feels that you are about to expose it, he will do everything to preserve the appearance. This includes reacting insultingly and excessively aggressively.

He wants to see you break together.That’s why he deliberately acts cruelly to give you the rest. Narcissistic people feel strengthened by the weakness of others. It distracts them from the horrible thing they secretly think of themselves.

They will resist exposure in all circumstances.They lie, deceive, deny and manipulate bystanders. They will be outraged by what you are doing to them. However, if none of their manoeuvres take hold, they will influence the witnesses in such a way as to make them believe that they are the victims. In the course of the ‘damage limitation measure’, they do not waste a single thought on how their ‘source of supply’ is doing.

All the feelings they faked, all the reassurances like “I love you,” “I care deeply for you” and “I want to help you,” with which they wrapped you, were fake.They were not behind a single word. Once you have unmasked them, you will recognize their real motives and their true feelings for you.

One of the worst atrocities that one person can inflict on another is to pretend that he is more interested in him than is really the case.

When a narcissist cheats on you, he lies about his infidelity or blames you for it.Rest assured that you have done nothing that entitles him to cheat on you. It was his decision! He knew exactly what he was doing. There is no excuse. It’s misconduct. He didn’t care about you when he tried to deceive you.

When you stand by yourself and hold the narcissist accountable for his behavior, you make yourself the object of his punishment.He punishes all those who do not (no longer) condone his abuse. In this case, he is trying to shift the blame. He enjoys making nasty, cruel and insensitive remarks.

His critique rarely applies to the facts that affect you, but rather is an image of who he is.You serve him as a garbage dump, to which he dumps his negativity and bad feelings, so that he can feel better himself.

Narcissists are unable to reflect or understand the emotional pain and injury they inflict on others.They live in a world where life is a game in which they are in charge and keep setting new rules.

When enough time has elapsed, you will be able to understand who the narcissist really is and how crazy your relationship with him was.None of this was real, and not just because it was dishonest.

Narcissists are polished differently and therefore unable to have normal, healthy relationships.As you think about making your partner happy, the narcissist does everything possible to keep you isolated and under his control. When you think about ways to communicate better with each other, he psychoterrorizes you with silence because you were disobedient.

Narcissists cannot change.They need narcissistic intake while you need love. You want to be accepted, they want obedience. You and the narcissist have different views of life.

There is no way to have a relationship with a narcissist in which your desires are fulfilled.They cannot love, nor do they want to be loved. What makes them seem even more corrupt and insidized is that they knew all the time what you wanted and concealed from you that they cannot and will not do so!

The more chances you give up to a narcissist, the less he will respect you.Surely assuming that you will give in again and again, he will ignore your dignity and your human rights. He is not afraid of losing you because he knows that you will not leave him under any circumstances. He finds himself reliant on your forgiveness.

Never allow a person who does not appreciate you to feel comfortable with it.

The game is off!

Based on the original in English by Serenity Pratt
Why do narcissists insist on hurting the people they say they love?

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