Why do most Dutch artists sing in English, while they do not control that language (in terms of idiom and pronunciation), while that language does not directly enter the audience?

By singing in English you have potentially a much larger sales area than if you sing in Dutch.

There are plenty of Dutch people who prefer to listen to English-language music.Check out how the ratio of English music to Dutch music is among the popular radio stations.

It is not a problem that the text does not arrive directly to your audience.Not everyone listens to the text, there it is more about the melody and the rhythm.

In my opinion, this applies equally to the Dutch language, to most Dutch artists.

That problem lies with the public.For a long time it has all that English was idodegood. But this has gradually come to a turn. That will be part of the political mess that it is both in the UK and here in the US. The power of the Anglo-Saxon countries taant. Dutch people have to stop putting everything on one map and learn English only. That is no longer enough.

Dutch music is completely back from never gone

Let’s just start with an important thing, money.If you make a song in Dutch you can sell it by the Netherlands and Belgium. But if you make a song in English, you can sell it all over the world. You can compare it to the singer Ede Staal. He was a very good singer, but sang just about in the Gronings. Because less and fewer people can understand Gronings, the interest in his music is also disappearing. Because more and more people can only understand ABN, there is already a lot of freedom in text of your music.

Also, I think a part is stationary, they stay a little too much in a certain style and group.An artist like Jannes can be fun, but if everyone is doing it the fun is quick. What you also see is that there is also Dutch language which starts to flourish in other music styles like rap or metal. But unfortunately, this is thrown to the side for the apparent reason 芒 鈧?艙this is not the real Dutch talige芒 鈧? Very unfortunate, especially when you see that the German-language band Rammstein is famous all over the world.

The last is I think style.Some music sounds better in a certain style. Say what you want, country sounds best in American English. If you strip a language or accent of some music, little is left of it.

I understand that it is unfortunate that not all languages are understood.But also music in an unintelligible language can hit you and let you enjoy

Bekause poeple think it gifes an property glare.Or somting.

In addition to the other answers, which are probably the most important reasons, there may still be a reason for this.

Because English is further away from you, it may be a little less personal and it is a bit further away from you.

Perhaps artistically not the most ideal reason, but rather the easiest.

Dutch has a rather suffig image in music.English is hip, trendy and cool, except in rap where there is more attention to the message.

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