Why do men with a binding fear come out with me as it is to keep me on hold forever when we are ‘ together ‘ (but not really together because they can’t cope with it)?

Keep your far from judging what’s wrong with the other.Someone sticking a bindingsangststicker is (actually) still some. That makes the situation even more difficult, imagine you have already bothered somewhere and then your partner will also stick you a sticker. Nice and healthy.

From me you could also say that I have binding fear.I would rather think I have a need for freedom. I’m not afraid to bind me to a person, but you shouldn’t say to me about 2 years we do this over so many years that.
That feels like a chain around my neck, I live a day, I know how I feel now and maybe tomorrow, but beyond that I don’t go.Caution, do not confuse this with not being able to plan. I plan very much in advance so that I do not have to worry about anything else on the day. I think that’s nice. Just be able to live and know that everything is arranged!

Well back to the question.Why do men go with me. That suggests that you have no choice. You might as well ask why, by definition, you are going to be with men that you seem to know in advance (unaware) that this is the type you are not waiting for. Maybe there is a lesson in it?

Maybe you could learn some of them.What makes it now that someone doesn’t use your terms. Does he sit on the couch next to you? Going too far in the future then someone will answer ‘ no idea ‘ that can make you insecure.
But that doesn’t say anything about that person.Enne-Do they have binding fear or do you have a fear of separation?

Instead of focusing on the men you always choose, you will have to agree with yourself.Again what does it matter if a man does not commit himself in words? Some people take words very seriously and sometimes too much weight is hung on words. It’s about being there. See the man in question as a beautiful tiger.
Join him, he becomes depressed and false.Let him loose, he comes back to you every time. In both forms, he is with you, the choice of how to treat him.

Maybe they are only beu, and they also want to try if this time succeeds?

You are simply consumed and the moment you come closer to them they are gone.

Because they are afraid that you will find out what their intent is.

Wall It’s not really going to make contact.

Operable people can’t really make contact,

Because they have no contact with their inner core.

They are empty inside and they try to escape from that void by consuming you.

Yeah I don’t know though.That eternal search for reasons. I would never go out of the way that gives me a very good reason to stay, but for that it is necessary that it clicks and we have some nice appointments.

I can imagine a few things, will say what are stumbling blocks for me.

  1. Children.

That’s always getting used to, the kids of another. The other way around: you look at how a partner deals with your children. And are they also going together?

  • Personality.
  • I am somewhat sensitive to exaggerated theatrical behaviours.

  • Clothing.
  • The first time someone is still able to dress neatly. But after 5 times you are already more yourself. I can’t do so well against bright colors and roomy loose robes.

  • Independence.
  • If someone is always concerned about her autonomy and how well she has it, I think there is no place for me.

  • Prudery.
  • Sorry though, but months have to wait for a little expose, then something is wrong with you. Or you don’t feel the same thing for me, or it was the reason why your previous relationship was stranded. Talghe.

  • Curiosity.
  • I have no desire to solve psychological problems with another from the past. Is A woman too curious, then I suspect old very much. If there is no answer and an ordinary conversation, then it is soon over. Then you are not ready for it (I decide)

  • Behavior Opposite everyone else, including e.g.
  • At the cashier at the BIOS, I pay attention to how you deal with others. So I see how you really are.

    Well, that was him for today.Tomorrow I fixed again more requirements. No, all madness; They are not requirements. But so I look if someone suits me. I will still have forgotten things, I refer to other people here.

    A possible explanation may be that these men are the cause of their fear of bonding from the fear of being rejected afterwards.That could explain their restraint.

    They need pleasant companionship though it is only for a few hours or more.If you think that those men are looking for a partner for their lives, you are completely wrong. Their binding fear is (much) greater than your seduction art. Unfortunately peanut butter. Go looking for real men.

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