Why do married couples sleep in the same bed and in the same room? I mean, what happens when one of you farts?

I know that as a woman I shouldn’t necessarily answer such a question.

Now, some people will surely wonder why?

If we’re honest, nobody really wants to know that women are puping.
And frankly, that’s a bit of a shame.Because we are only human beings.

But to come back to the subject.
It is actually the case, as I have just said, that we are human beings.
So it’s really human to do such things.

Not doing just that can cause serious physical discomfort.You don’t want to have it, then you’d rather take this little moment where it might stink a bit (yes it really does, it doesn’t smell like perfume).

In this respect, one should not be ashamed of the other.In the beginning, however, we do it anyway. I think that has to do with the fact that we always want to show ourselves at our very best. Somehow it’s a bit sad that this is the best side that we suppress things that are absolutely human. But this is probably a different issue, we are also suppressing other things that are completely human. But we suppress them because they are portrayed as embarrassing.

But now it is the case that basically every person knows that at some point this moment will come.

I knew that, too.

My then-boyfriend obviously didn’t know that.

So it happens on a normal day, nobody knew anything and it just came over him and he pupated.
In the beginning it was terribly embarrassing to him, but actually only in the first 5 seconds.It took me so long to get out of bed almost laughing. Since the day, there have been no problems at all.

D.h. but not now that every person should simply pupate through the area as he pleases. You should perhaps pull yourself together a little bit at the beginning, just to give a good picture and not quite stand as a piglet.

Basically, if you know each other a little better and perhaps the first embarrassment has been overcome, both should admit that they are human beings, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

I would simply like to re-enact the one issue that I have already answered in another question, namely the fact that we are making things a problem that are actually not one at all.

Surely this is not particularly nice when you start to suppeach or generally behave like a pig.You should behave a certain way and know how to behave. That is, not that you suppress completely normal things until you hurt your stomach and you may not be able to walk upright. That is the absolutely wrong way to go.

Apart from that, I would also advise that if you are with a person, whether in a relationship or already married, if you can’t pupate from those people, then you should separate.

Not because it’s so improbably embarrassing.But because he’s probably an idiot. Because obviously he has never pupated, slammed or given any other completely human things of himself. Which might now suggest that you might even be with a robot. But I don’t want to go that far.

And even if it sounds terribly funny right now, I’m serious about it.
If anyone is trying to explain to you that such things are absolutely abnormal and that you should even be ashamed of yourself, then that is absolutely the wrong person.Not because you should take someone the way you are, but simply because if you don’t even understand things that are simply necessary. Then he will probably have no understanding for everything else.

There are certainly such social strata, so this is absolutely unacceptable if someone runs a bit “next to the track”.

But you shouldn’t be impressed by these layers at all.Sometimes you don’t want to know what happens to them when no one is looking.
There is a small pup, or a ruffle still harmless.

And this applies both to the marital bed, to the marital table, to the marital cloister, as well as to everything else.

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