Why do many women find men with chest hair ugly and/or dirty?

Because the suppliers of hair removal products want to earn even more money.Therefore, all sorts of marken strategies are applied to promote smooth bodies.

It used to be smooth and trained something for professional athletes and strippers.Muscles emerge more clearly when you are slippery. Nowadays, attractive man per se is a muscular man with a six-pack. Now it is suddenly “Ongyhiënisch” to leave chest hair. And if you literally see a southern European with thick dark hair like Cristiano Ronaldo everywhere, you start to see this as the norm as a woman.

I myself never understood this.Chest and leg hair I find myself wilingly appealing. I am therefore pleased that my partner has gone to a hairy black grove from well-counted three chest hairs.

However, he sometimes asks me if he doesn’t have to shave it all off.I would like to shout almost “Neeee!” at such a moment, but I am in and say, “I would find this a little less.”

Yet this puts me to thinking: “If I make so clear that I find it incredibly appealing, where does he get the idea that he should shave it all off?”

Now I regularly look at Gillette commercials.That’s because Youtube thinks I’m a man because I often watch videos related to video games. 😉 In These advertisements I often see that the smooth-shaven men’s body is glorified. “The best a man can get.” And when I look at a second advertisement, I see a smooth-shaven man who drinks a beer or has a herd of women behind him. (Nouja, they have at least a beard)

I can then well imagine where he gets this idea from.All around us (also in the street image, commercials, barberstations) is “The man” depicted as a lumberjack-type, with rough beard and smooth shaved chest. You would almost get the idea that everyone falls on this type. Now I do not want to dispute that probably the lion’s share is falling on this type, but I wonder how much the actual opinion is. I also wonder if this is not a small bit in the head of men. I would also not be surprised if “women’s commercials” are also entirely focused on the smooth-shaven body, but unfortunately I do not see that;)

For the same reason that many men find women with armpit hair, leg hair and pubic hair ugly and/or dirty.

We are indoctrinated by social convention and media to find it normal for this to be absent and to associate with body hair with poor or insufficient self-care.The step from “bad self-care” to “bad hygiene” is quickly made.

For the same reason that men argue if they want to indicate that they do not find mustaches in women attractive.Usually it is no more than some down on the upper lip.

Her reminds us of our zooness, her also evokes more emotion than bald because the not shaved man is the natural man. You walk as a caveman, they often say to people whose hair is very long and uncared for.

In general I also prefer a neat look, and hygiene is the minimum.But cared for doesn’t have to be bald, that skips.

I partly agree with Anna.People will be affected, but there are also people who have their own opinions, irrespective of all the advertisements.

I think there are gradations in terms of chest hair.That is for me personally.
The one I think is beautiful and the other is not (so dirty is not there).

BUT This is of course only if you would show me platelets.In reality. You see it for you.
‘ Say you want to open your shirt ‘ on a date.Check how many hairs grow there. 10? Rejected. It must be at least 12. Adieu!

So In many cases you do not know how much breast hairs someone has?
Oh, but nowadays people are getting back quicker.Given many people are dating for just the bare part (or think it does).

I have not yet ended up in a relationship with someone with a lot of breast hair.
What do I say to you. All my partners barely had chest hair.I was definitely more than 3 years together with them, so I had known it when they were in the right.
Hmm.Am I discriminative without me having men with chest hair?
Who knows.

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