Why do many studies show that people from certain countries have an average higher IQ than people from other countries? What factors play a role on the IQ of cultures?

Let’s take Papua new Guinea as an example, which often score low on IQ tests, and let’s compare it to South Korea, a country that often scores very high.

First, you should ask yourself if the methodology is correct. For example, do you think Dar the IQ tests are correctly translated into Tok Pisin or Hiri Motu?Short answer: No. People in Papua New Guinea received an English test, a lingua franca there, but not the mother tongue. I would also not be good at a test written in Croatian.

What were the circumstances in which people had to test?How much preparation time did they have? Are they accustomed to taking tests, keys and exams? This is trainable behavior and the Koreans are strong in this. Korean children make very long days at school and thus practice exactly what the IQ test test is.

Papua New Guineans have a culture that is more focused on living with and in nature and thus train different skills than the IQ test test.In addition, literacy is 63.4% (Papua New Guinea Adult literacy rate, 1970-2018-knoema.com).This of course does not help with making an IQ test, but has nothing to do with IQ, but with odds.

IQ tests test certain intelligences that are valued, trained and rewarded in developed countries, such as analytical skills.It does not test how good you are in recognizing traces or subtle changes in your environment that go for a weather cover. It does not test whether you have an internal compass, such as the Aborigines, in Australia.

In addition each school year leads to 1 to 5 more IQ points.It’s trainable, just like the 100m sprint. How much more well organized school time do Korean children get compared to the Guinean children? (One year of school comes with AN IQ bump, meta-analysis shows)

Last but not least, nutrition is very important.In which country is it more likely that your nutrients will be too short while growing up? South Korea or Papua new Guinea?

TL; DR: IQ tests test exactly where people in prosperous countries are consciously trained at school.Comparing IQ testing is thus more a comparison of prosperity and school systems than a comparison of population people.

So yes, that 芒 鈧?虄race Realism芒 鈧劉 is complete BS. Those people only see skin color and don’t know how statistic works.Confounding is a thing….

I did not immediately envision which countries are meant, also because aggregated IQ tests are now not exactly reliable with me.

But for most people, during the years that their brains are developing their health and nutrition has the most influence on the quality of that brain.Where good nutrition affects health and growth. So if you already want to trust in average IQ figures per country, then food and hygiene is a major factor.

If anyone want to give genetics as a cause, then unfortunately the conclusion must be drawn that this person has been ill or poorly fed during his childhood. Genetically, all people seem to be too much on each other to give genetics per group of people the only cause for differences in IQ per country.This is also evident from the fact that so鈩?N bit every country in this world has known a period in which it knew an incredible economic growth that cannot be explained on the basis of the current IQ scores or provided a technical feat that did not Can be explained on the basis of the presence of a single genius. While that growth can be explained, for example, on the basis of healthy food in abundance in the same period and the absence of deadly diseases.

This is a hypersensitive topic.Those global differences are very consistent, I add a link at the bottom. In fact, you see that East Asian and white countries score high and African countries low. The rest is in between. There are a number of explanations to be invented.

Some scientists say that it is predominantly genetic. Perhaps people had to be more innovative to survive outside of Africa and there was a selection of pressures that made people smarter over the millennia.

Others say that every breed is just as clever, but that in order to develop that cleverness, you have to grow up in a society that has a very high priority on cleverness and creative thinking.Education and the whole culture are aimed at thinking logically, rationally and problem-solving, and then you also get children who train their brains from childhood so that it gets smarter. The young brain is plastic.

A third group says it is a mix of the two. So if you let an African grow up in a European family that he will become smarter than the average African, but not come true to the European average IQ.

Another theory suggests that the quality of the food is decisive for the development of the brain and hence the IQ. The more varied and nutritious the diet, the higher the IQ.

Another mindset suggests that Western IQ tests test for skills and talents that we find Westerners important and that may not be the same as Africans find important.

Again another group claims that it is all a matter of time. Per generation The average IQ in the west rises with a few points.We stand on the shoulders of our parents as it were. This is called the Flynn effect. Areas that remain behind are simply catching up.

The subject is very sensitive to scientists.Most universities are rather left and if you as a scientist say that certain breeds have a genetically determined lower IQ, then your career is over. The whole idea runs counter to the premise that all people are equal on average and that inequality arises because some people have fewer opportunities due to poverty or oppression. If you accept that the IQ of Africans, Moroccans or Latino芒 鈧劉 s is lower than that of whites, then you give groups who believe in the supremacy of the white race as if it were a free letter to sell their thought well as scientific truth.

IQ is simply not a subject as length.If I say that you can let a Korean grow up in the Netherlands, but that he will never be as long as a Dutchman on average, then everyone agrees. Length is partly genetically determined. But IQ is crucial for succeeding in a Western society. Even if the level would be mostly genetic, many people really don’t want to know that.

Interestingly, Ashkenazische Jews are the smartest group in the world.They stand on average at 112 points, which is 12 points more than the average Dutchman. Hence the many Nobel Prize winners, top entrepreneurs, great writers and composers and politicians. Have only the smartest Jews ever come to Europe as above-average intelligent traders and bankers, or is kosher food good for the development of the brain?

There are a lot of questions but hardly any irrefutable answers.

World rankings of countries according to their average IQ

The IQ test poses culture related questions.To get an average westerner at 100.

Other cultures will score differently.And yes African countries score lower. They don’t know what highway is. Etc.

What Africans could do is make their own IQ test.Where westerners are probably low on scoring. We know a lot how you can see the sun which month t is芒 鈧?娄 etc.

There is a direct link between nutrition and IQ. Since I have recently read an interesting article about that is this: IQ: Power supply and Memory

This shows, among other things, that due to incorrect feeding the IQ can fall by 25% lower.

This raises the question of whether the groups of people who did this test in those different countries were similar and thus whether their diet matched.

IQ tests measure certain cognitive functions.As such, they have an implicit definition of intelligence (Intelligence is… good at this, this and this). For quite a bit this culture is bound: what is needed to be intelligent or successful in 1 culture is not necessarily what it is in another. Therefore, someone from 1 culture will not always score very high on an IQ test designed in a different culture, e.g. ours. That does not mean at all that that man is not intelligent, that is simply to say that there are different definitions of “intelligent”. And those definitions are peculiar to the culture, for a lot, yes.

You probably know that you can learn IQ tests.If you spend some weeks there score you with ease 15 or more points higher.

This shows that IQ tests say a lot more about who writes the IQ test than about the person who is testing that test.

And what in IQ tests it does well is analytical ability.That is just something that is not encouraged in many countries. For example, in many of the Middle East, where I now live, the rain of facts is an absolute power. So if your word for Word can remember a book then you’ve made it all the way. Invent solutions that no one has heard yet is useless.

I work a lot with people from India.Obedience is enormously important. You behave exactly as your chef indicates is the only way to not be fired.

And then there is practical thinking.You wonder how the world would look like hydrogen has two neutrinos is possibly interesting for some. But many peoples view only reality.

Therefore, many of these IQ studies also explicitly state that you can only compare people in that group, not between different groups.

The nature of the tests originated in a Western context, in connection with the western routines of pattern recognition.If you put a few authorityfigures from the area between Colombia and Panama to create an intelligence test to design it may well be that the IQs unpack differently.

(Not that Colombia and Panama are not to the west of me-but that only accentuates the ambiguity of the standards we use here)

I see a lot of interesting answers.I am going to give an answer from observation. These tests are not nuanced in their questions. If you’ve taken some IQ tests, you’ll see a pattern. I see it a lot in America; A lot of excellent test workers. Unfortunately, their intelligence is not special; What you call common sense is scarce and insight virtually nil. Of course there are really people with high IQ, but that just comes with a lot of knowledge and application.

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