Why do many people have such a bad image of the Church?

Question from: Jörg Peters

Why do many people have such a bad image of the Church?

Of course, I cannot say why other people have a bad image.I can only get out of myself at this point.

I am simply too curious for the Church.I don’t fit in. People who go to church believe something, and that’s it. There is no more to come. That is not enough for me.

In 1650 Archbishop James Ussher recalculated Genesis and came to the conclusion that the earth was formed on 23 October, the year 4004 B.C., in mesopotamia at 9 o’clock in the morning.So Mesopotamia was there before the Earth was formed. Ah ha!

That was maintained.This was still believed in the Middle Ages. Nobody checked this, wondered how to find out if this could be true. No one wondered how long it would take as an example for rain to wash out a canyon. Nobody questioned this and/or came up with the funnel that this could not be addressed. Today we know that the Earth is as old as the solar system, about 4.5 billion years. But we do not owe this knowledge to the Church.

If there hadn’t been people like James Hutton, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, or Herman von Helmholz, we would still believe today that Ussher might theoretically have been right. (Horny sentence).Under certain circumstances.

The Church does not progress with her dogmas.When one of the faithful has built crap, he goes to the pastor in the confessional, is told that he should pray 30 rosaries, and that is it. A personal experience of maturity has not been given to those who have confessed their predicament, at least not to his advantage.

The pastor now knows something about one of his sheep, which of course he keeps top secret, but both know that both know it, and one of them never knows if he might ever talk about it.If, however, he did not confess it, he would continue to suffer because he never learned, nor should he learn how to resolve conflicts.

This procedure serves only the preservation of power of the Church and not the further development and maturation of man.

The Church has no function, which not everyone can do with himself.can make a difference. You don’t need huge churches, cathedrals, organs and figures nailed to crosses. I find the latter alone quite disgusting. Worship someone who hangs on the cross with bleeding hands and feet. This is certainly one of the most serious tortures imaginable.

I do not want to have anything to do with that.

The church always hangs its flag beautifully in the wind.If, first of all, out of the arrogance of the Church, we have to give a geo-xadcentric view of the world, the Church will at some point have to add a small one and re-evaluate it into the Heliocentric world view. How many researchers and scientists have landed at the stake for witchcraft. The church has murdered and burned, in all that was not with three on the trees. She took away the shamans from the people, told them what to wear, took their lives from them, in the firm belief that this was better. The victims, however, have not been asked whether the “Christian” way of life is actually acceptable.

Then churches and everything to do with faith cost a lot of money and bring nothing.Yes, there are some people who find solace there, but this can also be done without the institution of Kirxadche. Going to a pastor to take solace is a very miserable testimony to our society, because normally you have friends, a good house community, and relatives.

There is no real development and adaptation to the present day in the Church.The program is well over 2,000 years old and they are still on tour.

There are also always only wars in the world when two people have slightly different beliefs.

Has anyone ever heard of the wars of relativity?Or the spectral color wars? No, because it is not believe, but science. Classical science (I know that there are now many black sheep here too) is not about faith. If you ever tell you, “I think this is the way it is,” you’ll immediately get the request from a scientist: “Make a theory out of it!”

A theory must make a particular statement verifiable, anywhere and at any time.You always need an attempt to fail in the experience.

Then there is the great world of what cannot be described with natural knowledge.

Love, mindfulness, hope, feelings during the Meditati xadon, but also during sports, during everything you do, whether it’s making food or cleaning.In all activities in everyday life, in which one does not talk to others, one can reach a certain meditative depth. Because concentration and mindfulness while meditating, driving a car, going shopping and, and, and, and can give you a wide field of health and freedom.

Of course, this cannot be achieved from now on, but we do not learn to walk and run from now on.Growing up with meditation as a child, we would have a much more restful, more harmonious society. Because everyone finds in themselves the Harmo xadnie they need for a resilient and balanced life.

And I am not talking about religion here.From Budxaddhismus, Hinduissm or whatever, even if Prak-xadtiken come from there. But it’s not about anyone or worshipping anything, looking up.

Buddha never said, “You just have to glau-xadben to me and… Zack Enlightenment!” That’s not how it works.You have to live and be it inside. But you do this all by yourself, you don’t need huge buildings, although of course there are. That is why I say that it has nothing to do with it.

In the end, it always has something to do with yourself.Never can really help you with this, and no one is allowed to do that.

Only those who recognize this as a law are willing to give up their ego to a large extent and to develop and thus to do what we are here for.Instead, we believe that we know something better than another, and that we are fighting and waging wars so that he may do so, and we are quite in the way of the development of man.

And even if it has nothing to do with the institution of the Church, it also has something to do with faith, if Nestle and Coxadca-Cola believe they can steal the water from the Africans.If you think you are sending arms supplies to the Middle East to keep the oil pipeline open. If you think you can ban diesel cars because you are too cowardly to hold the car industry to account. If you believe …..

That’s what everyone can put their faith down…..


Spike Sol

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