Why do many people claim that drinking cow’s milk does harm the environment?

Because for eating meat more (it depends on the animal species but in cows it is about 7 times as much) soil is needed than if no one would eat more meat, and would extract essential amminozuren from beans etc. and because of cow manure coming from CO2 and methane , Both greenhouse gases.

Here I would like to put the following comments: firstly, all animals that eat plants (also insects, worms and bacteria) defecate, resulting in the release of CO2 and methane.The amount of induced CO2 and methane is therefore related to the amount of plants digested, and which part thereof is converted with oxygen, independently by which animal (or human). In Nature It is also produced.

Secondly, if no one would eat meat, then much land would be released.That’s nice, maarrrrr, it only depends on where that ground would be used for. On Earth there are now nearly 8 billion people. If that land were to be used for feeding production (for all vegetarians/vegans) Then there would be enough food for 30 billion people. What have we achieved then?. All those people also wilen houses, furniture, electronics, cars, travel, etc. Etc. And will live in a world without grasslands with cows, but with instead of the current grasslands farmland, veeel buildings and infrastructure. And all these people will more than take over the reduced encounter by cows and also consume a lot of energy.

Whether that is a more ideal world, everyone can decide for themselves.

So it depends on what choices are made for the released soil, cows would be abolished.And you can also say that eating cow products and cows has an inhibitory influence on the size of the world’s population.

The largest CO2 emissions do not come from cars, not from the 貌 so famous chemtrails, nor from the daily spraying of deodorant; It comes from all the cow’s products that are produced daily!

Almost everyone is drinking a cup of milk.This milk comes from cows. Each country on our planet has dairy farms, every cow in such a farm must be able to do its needs; Several times a day. CO2 is released from these pies, the exact figures per pie I don’t know, but try to realify how much this is.

This fact was also a surprise to myself, especially when you look at how many cars do not drive around on a daily basis and that still the cows are gaining droppings in CO2 emissions.

Since we will continue drinking milk and cows have been domesticated for so long, there will be no change whatsoever and this will continue to be a big problem.Hopefully someone will ever come up with a concrete solution, but this has not yet been found to the present day.

So to make a long story short:

Cows that run around our milk production are the number one cause of the greenhouse effect that our entire planet is suffering from.

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