Why do I get more and more the feeling that people are using Quora as a slow Google?

I think you and Roland Eriks don’t really understand the difference between asking a question on Quora and asking a question on Google, and for this reason it seems that you should read about Quinn’s mission.


Why Quora?

The mission of Quora is to share the knowledge of the world and to deepen it further.

A tremendous amount of knowledge that is valuable to many people is currently only available to few — this knowledge is in the minds of people or is only accessible to certain groups. We want to connect the people who possess knowledge to the people who seek it. We want to bring people together to share different perspectives so that they can understand each other better. At Quora everyone gets the chance to share their knowledge for the rest of the world. The question is central The core of Quora consists of questions — questions affecting the world, questions that explain recent events in the world, questions that send important life decisions and questions that give insight into why Other people have different opinions.Quora is the place to ask the questions you find important and get answers that are fantastic. Quora only has one version for each question. That version is not progressive, conservative, Western or Oriental. Quora brings people from all over the world together to answer the same question in a central place. The goal is to learn from each other. We want Quora to be a place for you where you can give your opinion, and that means that Quora does not preclude the debate. The ultimate Quora answer is the definitive answer, for everyone and forever. Understand the world and the people in that world Quora has content that connects you to the world.Quora helps you to understand how the world is intertwined, why people behave as they behave and what we can do to improve the world. Quora offers a personalized feed with informative answers to questions that may have never occurred before you. Quorin’s answers come from people who have insight, expertise and experience. Quora is the place to read what Barack Obama says about the treaty with Iran, detainees tell about their life in jail, scientists are talking about climate change, policemen grazing out about Intrusion prevention and TV producers show how series are made.Read more from celebrities likeGloria Steinem, Stephen Fry, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck, Sheryl Sandberg, Vinod Khosla and Gillian Anderson.They all answered questions directly from people who were interested in those answers. At Quora you’ll find important ideas and insights that have never been shared anywhere else, from people you could never have achieved otherwise.

If you are not happy with questions, please ask your own question.

If you’re not satisfied with a question that you think can easily be googled, well, just remember to write an answer.

How helpful and helpful is it to be contemptuous and tell someone that he or she needs to go on Google?

Quora is about to be helpful, not about telling people to go and ask Google.

This is not what Quora is all about, this is not the mission of Quora.

Should I remind you of the be nice show Respect policy on Quora?

If you cannot be nice or respectful, I will have to take measures.And it doesn’t matter if you block me, there is such a thing as a Quora team, to make sure everyone here feels safe and respected on Quora.

And to make sure you really understand it, here’s a policy you should also read:


* * Be nice, show respect * *

Quoras’s main rule be nice, show respect (Quinn’s answer to What is Quorin’s “be Nice, be Respectful” policy?) consists of the following standards of conduct:

* Engage with others in a constructive way

* Be assured that everyone contributes to Quora to make the platform a great tool for diverse backgrounds, beliefs and opinions.

Don’t go out of the way but do it in a polite and respectful way and be attentive to others.

* No hateful language

* Quora is a place for polite conversations and therefore we do not tolerate content that attacks or dispanders someone else based on their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or other characteristic.All generalisations on these subjects should be formulated as neutral as possible.

* No unwanted behavior and harassment

* Offensive behavior and misuse of others is not allowed.Repeated and undesirable contact is a form of intimidation. Content that contains threats to others or content that inflates violence (including self-harm) is not allowed.

Further, if you have some questions about how Quora works:

The official answer is that Quora finds this OK.The reasoning is that they have made all the effort to build a Q & A database that the easy questions can also be.
Moreover, you should not ridicule the questioner and you may not start your answer with that you will find it easily via Google.

I personally have been allowed to experience this when I was not active on the English version for a long time.

FInd yourself a good web browser and use Google.

I’m not Claiming you will find all answers Just by Browsing the Internet.But I assure you that some Quorans do not like To look At questions that can be solved by a simple google.

This slightly ironic response to ‘ what are examples of the halogens ‘ found Quora but nothing and was then also fated with a policy violation.

Officially because it did not corresponded the question directly.I was not in agreement at that time, because I say I myself had responded to the question by making good use of bold formattering.

Meanwhile, I have reviewed my opinion.It was not a style of myself and it does not contribute anything. It just takes a time to realize it but despite the fact that I was guilty of it myself I have less and less understanding for people who give answers in the style of the example above. We are all but people and occasionally it is a nice thing to say you just thought, moreover, I am still convinced that despite the official position very few people can appreciate these kinds of questions.
But you have to realise your 1 thing: by answering it you go into interaction with the according to your idiotic question which means that the Quora algorithm will also spread your equally idiotic answer to others.Moreover, Quora thinks that you like that type of question and you are going to show more of that. Is that really what you want? My advice is therefore just to stay away from it. If necessary, downvote the question, or in an extreme case mute the questioner. These are the tools that Quora provides to us, use them. It is everyone’s right to stand up for themselves and say to Quora. I want more of that but less of that. So you do nothing wrong with that. But don’t answer that the questioner should use Google. Firstly, it is not so sweet, but perhaps more importantly the more people use the same tactics and just ignore it, the less likely you will have to deal with it yourself.
There is only 1 exception: If you are convinced that the answer to the question is not so evident and you can add something, you may of course reply.I have seen several gems of answers, on seemingly simple ‘ Google me ‘ questions. That makes Quora just as much fun.

To conclude I understand the official position of Quora, but they should not expect me to cooperate actively.Hopefully other just do the same thing.

Read the answer to this question by Céline Décamps, who cites https://nl.quora.com/about .

A question like, for example, ‘ What is the past tense of the English verb ‘ ‘ teach ‘ ‘? ‘ would — I quote the quote — affect the world, or declare recent events, or it will send important life decisions or perhaps Gives insight into why other people have different opinions.

Really?I think not. Such questions pollute my ‘ feed ‘ and undermine the value of Quora. The Dutch (and German) Quora are full of classless translations from the US-English Quora, where it is not even bothered to convert fut and lubs into meters and kilogrammes. And then there is the disastrous Quora Partners Program where people are paid to ask questions to be broke out. And the hundreds of minimal variations on questions that have already been chewed by ad ad .

Quora is in the remediation.Respect, kindness works on two sides. It is not respectful to bother the Quora community with baloney. And it is not friendly either.

I understand what you are saying.And indeed, half of the questions can be answered by Google or YouTube. These are the questions I do not discuss.

But another, and luckily also a good percentage, questions are nice.Often a discussion arises at a decent level.

And there it is me to do.


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