Why do highly gifted children often have such difficulties at school?

I report on our experiences in primary school.

After already in the first class with our highly gifted daughter ‘fit difficulties’ in terms of teaching, but these were not so dramatic and our daughter was well received in the class community and even elected as a class spokeswoman. at the beginning of the second grade, it became apparent that her boredom was simply unbearable, it became so bad that she only sat in the classroom crying, which unfortunately did not improve, but culminated in her being put in front of the door by the class teacher, which in severe trauma, which ended in panic attacks and school phobia.

From that point on, I immediately pulled out all the registers and switched on everything that was available (psychotherapy, specialist psychologist for intelligence diagnostics, senior department of the school psychologist, specialist counsellor for high talent and legal decency of the State school authorities, senior debt ore, head of the high-level cooperation association, even the Minister of Education has received a letter) and after hard struggles, especially with the completely uninformed school management, and many back and forth we have achieved that our daughter stays in the class, all her teachers receive intensive specialist advice, the process we intensively accompany the school psychology, the teachers receive regular training/pre-training in the school psychology by the psychologists who specialize in high talent dealing with highly gifted children and an open e-mail distributor has been set up (all in CC) about which can be exchanged openly about all events, wishes, suggestions, but also additional information, or misunderstandings, e.g. misunderstandings how high-skilled vs. highly gifted, highly gifted and very good grades, the gifted the prodigy children, etc., but above all this channel serves to communicate how the measures taken reach our daughter and whether she is mentally better and above all she can find learning motivation again and have fun.

Difficulties of highly gifted children at school have to do not only with the learning material and the eternal dispute between Acceleration vs. Enrichment (we decided for Enrichment) but above all with the people involved, i.e. the teaching staff, but especially the classmates.Our daughter is in good hands in her class, even if she only calls her ‘friends’ there as ‘school friends’ and has other friends in private and also clearly separates, so she gets along very well there and there is above all no bullying, or the like. Against Acceleration (i.e. skipping class) as a means spoke in this case that nothing had changed, the school would be the same, the teachers too and as the psychologist said at the round table to the debt collector: “The child can use the regular material. learning an entire school year in one week, it doesn’t help to just put her in another class, because that’s where she learns in a week!”

With the enrichment and the simultaneous training of teachers, the teachers have been trained and sensitized, we have a say, the school psychologist (very capable man with a high level of detail and interest in high talent) is always informed and also available for us parents and the teachers at any time and with the materials he proposes, especially in the field of mathematics, there is no longer any sign of boredom, but also in German our daughter is properly challenged and gets her own Tasks with a high fun factor and when she comes to school the next day and http://andori-andori.blogspot.de/2007/0 such a poem … e-lwe.html completely memorized, of course error-free and recited with great theatricality, then our daughter reported ‘She had to rename the poem, in – she falls dead -‘ because her German teacher would probably have almost overturned when she heard it.I had a phone call that day with the school psychologist, who was very happy that our daughter could show them what such a small, gifted girl can do if you leave it.

So far I think we as a family have found a very good way to deal with the school, but that was also only because I was prepared for something since birth, which I think is useful today!

Oh, and one more thing, we have decided to deal openly with the topic of high talent in dealing with ‘officials’, and a recognised intelligence test is not only helpful, but also essential in dealing with the school and the authorities.

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