Why do children in the Netherlands have a school canteen if it is proven that eating their sandwiches is unhealthy every day during lunch?

“Eating a sandwich every day during lunch is unhealthy”?Am curious how it has been researched, and where it is published…. It is ultimately about how much you eat in total, see this critical article in the NRC ‘ every day eating bread is unhealthy ‘ according to this article, this is a (sales) slogan of a slabar, not a science.

“In my Time” went very working the Netherlands with a lunch bowl with a sandwich and a small packet of milk, apple juice or something like that to work, outside lunch as In others more southern countries is customary for the economical “Hollanders” ever too expensive , in the Vijfiger years it was financially indeed priceless for the average worker, office worker.I myself took an apple with it, and continued lunch over, no time/no hunger.

Sorry, but this question needs to be checked, and improved.Firstly, the question is not clear, what level of education is here? Secondly, the evidence lacks what should show that sandwiches during lunch food is unhealthy. Which sandwiches are meant here? Two slices of brown bread eat, which the majority of the schoolchildren, even where canteens, are already doing, is not to be called unsinned.

In addition, pupils, where there are no canteens, eat often at home between noon.

That smoking is unhealthy is also proven, yet tobacco products are still for sale.Also for children, not what is best for them, should they also get.

I don’t know, with me they get lunch with it.In my opinion, they also have healthy sandwiches. It Is handy if they forget lunch once

There are countries in which a school canteen is present, but no healthy meals (Jamie Oliver?).It is not, moreover, proven that bread is unhealthy. The (read: gluten) is not healthy for a (small) part of the population, that’s right, but that money for other allergens too (a.o. peanuts, garlic and very rare also alcohol!).

As long as you keep the disk of 5, you have a good, healthy, balanced diet, but this is still the responsibility of the parents in the Netherlands.

I think it depends on what kind of bread you eat, how often you eat it, what you eat even more one day and who eats it.

I don’t know if this is actually true, but I get the impression that with the advent of supermarket bread, bread contains more salt and sugar.Plus other ingredients such as milk and this is not just milk bread or white bread. And that while many people think that bread is made only of water, yeast and flour. You may wonder if it is still ‘ healthy ‘.

This is how I understood that diabets should not eat too much bread.If bread is healthy why shouldn’t this be?

Dutch children are one of the healthiest in the world.With that evidence, it will be a windfall. Your assumption rattles.

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