Why do cats look at people with such hatred?

A stray cat looks at you not with hatred, but with suspicion.

First, cats have a low domestication degree AND – more importantly – are not frantically intelligent.

Have experienced a young crow at the vet absolutely cool, no twitching during or after the blood collection/infusion.Krah then climbed on my head, looked around, calmed down and demanded locusts. My neighbour had to go to the KH after his cat’s blood control, according to his wife, his blood was glued to the ceiling of the vet’s office. The cat is old, kidney-sick and friendly in itself, but he simply cannot grasp the basic idea of visiting the doctor. For him, this is a torture chamber, to which he reacts with wild defense.

This is quite exemplary.The highly intelligent crow quickly learned to engage with humans. On day 1 after finding me, the half-grown bird sat on my arm like a rough hunting falcon and marveled at me, after a week he knew the transport basket and the car. The vet diagnosed severe hunger, a kidney disorder and zinc poisoning by drinking from gutters – as I was willing to pay for a crow, infusion appointments were classified. The bird fed locusts in the waiting room and also saw the paralysed paraphernity of my seat neighbour with an appetite. In the sense of the inevitable release (needs enormous air space) we had to prevent the bird from getting to know many people and generalizing its knowledge. The animal later died in the wild flight. If I had a gigantic aviary, it would have become a pet.

On the contrary, for the cat owners among my friends/acquaintances, the visit to the vet is the epitome of terror.Two don’t go any more. The cat does not want to go there, the soul of the cat this is not reasonable. With an acquaintance, the man is not allowed to show himself to the cat in underpants, because the male “move” connects with “vet”. (Pinks in panic everything full.)

In this household my dog was once a guest for 30 minutes, stored in the front room, because we wanted to go to a party.Later, the girlfriend admitted that the cat had not crossed the front room for days, was unclean and hid from his owners with his eyes widened. The dog has not moved and the pure apartment cat has no bad experiences with dogs. It was only a new, anxious situation, with which the hangover could not understand intellectually.

For a cat, life is free of mistrust and stress only if it gets absolutely undisturbed routine.(Exceptions confirm the rule, I had a hangover as a child who loved driving. And the other day we had an impeccably linen-leading Carthusian cat at school.)

So, you don’t hate the cats.They just distrust you and most copies would need xxxxx repetitions to gain halfway confidence. You wouldn’t expect a rabbit to understand what you’re doing without interpreting its behavior as hatred.

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