Why do bees die after they have used their sting? What kind of defence mechanism is that?

In principle, bees are not meant to die after a stab.To the angel of a When sit, however, brackets, which they must actively loosen. There they often do not get the chance, such as in people, who start beating or swinging immediately, and then the intestines, including poison vesicle, are torn off and the die dies.

Bee colonies are a superorganism.The individual bees are a bit like cells in a human body. Certain cells in the human body also ‘ sacrifice ‘ themselves to protect the whole. Individual bees do the same to protect the colony.

You will also notice that bees are much less defensive if they are farther away from their litter than when they are at their nest.That’s also logical: Far away from the nest, the by only defends itself, but since she will die when she does, that makes little sense. At the nest, the in does not defend itself, but the colony, and so it makes sense to be more aggressive.

At the moment the stick is sticking and trying to withdraw, not only the angel remains, but a large part of the intestinal tract is also being ripped off.Thereby the will die.

Unlike wasps, bees have a back hook to the sting as these stitches, the angel remains in the skin of the intruder.And not only the angel, also the poison pouch that continues to pump so that all the poison can be used. The loss of angel, poison pouch and part of the intestines is such a female mutilation that the one that dies from it. They die to protect the population with the Queen.

Bees do not die by default after sticking.However, human skin is so thick that the angel (with parentheses) remains stuck in it. This is not the case with insects, and the weather brackets simply cause additional damage.

The average workload has a lifespan of several weeks!That is because in adult insects worn out body cells are not replaced. This means that a mature worker can sacrifice himself to achieve a higher goal, and that goal is the survival of the entire colony.

But contrary to what many think it can survive after having stabbed!The reason that the angel tears off usually does not come by the self, because it will try to get the angel out again. It is because people (and animals) react to the sting with a sudden movement that causes the sting, including poison sack, to tear out the body of the When.

This is important for beekeepers because bees are sticking in their protective clothing.If the angel were to break down, the beekeeper would be covered by huge picture bees. In practice, the bees simply survive this because the beekeeper is simply stabbing and stays calm.

So one at can stick quietly as long as the victim does not make out reflex a rough movement.But a victim who is big and sturdy enough to pull the angel apart is dangerous and thus helps this strategy in the survival of the colony because the poison bag continues to pump the opponent full with poison. But bees that take it against other insects can just get their angel loose again and stick again…

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