Why did you become a vegan? Was it health? The animals? both?

I became a vegan for ethical reasons, but the other reasons also played a role.

The healthiest population group in Germany eats vegan.

Why live vegan?10 reasons to think | Nicole Just – Vegan Recipes – Vegan Cooking Made Easy

What if everyone was vegan?

You should become a vegan for the following reasons.

1.Environment: The second most common pollution after industry and before transport is methane emissions from livestock farming and other pollution.In addition, the rainforest is being cut down in order to obtain not only wood, but also land for cultivation for animal feed. About 50% (!) the agricultural area worldwide is used for the cultivation of animal feed, which corresponds to the area of Africa. If all humans were to eat vegan, these areas could be left to wildlife and 50% of all pesticides would not pollute the environment. Keyword – bee deaths.

2.Policy: In order to “produce” 1 kilo of meat, about 30 kilos of plants must be grown for animal feed.This area is missing for human food production. The consequences are less food and high prices for plant food for people in the 3rd world. Keyword hunger in the 3rd world.

3.Health: Many diseases have been proven to be related to meat consumption.Gout, cancer, especially colorectal cancer, the hormone inputs in the meat cause cell changes, Creutzfelde Jakob disease, dementia, etc. This is partly due to the fact that the human intestine is not designed for meat consumption because of its length. Meat eaters have a much shorter intestine and a much more aggressive stomach acid. Why dairy products are unhealthy according to the latest findings (11/07/2019) read here: Milk is unhealthy
Milk is a baby food for mammals and unsuitable for adults.Milk has been shown to acidify the body, often leading to health problems and damage.

4.Ethics: Eating meat means killing an animal that is sensitive through its nervous system.The animal wants to live, we do not have the ethical right to kill or have it killed because of a palate tickle.

All religions, if it is one, have the so-called commandment of mercy.Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the merciful, for they are given mercy.” ( Mt. 5,7). Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita: “Be kind to all living beings.” During the pilgrimage to Mecca, pilgrims are not allowed to eat meat, let alone trample an ant. You shall not kill, the commandment of Moses does not only refer to men. There is no kindness or mercy in the slaughterhouses, that is a fact, it does not matter whether the animal has grown up appropriately or not.

‘It’s a fairytale to say that people needed meat to develop their brains evolutionarily.Because protein is “inabundance in legumes, nuts 鈥?and just about any vegetable.Protein ( protein), which is still a unique selling point of steak and chicken wings in the minds of many people, is found in more than enough amounts in plant-based food 鈥?and is not only in tofu and other soy products.Other legumes as well as mushrooms and various vegetables are extremely high in protein. “Sufficient protein supply is not a problem at all with a balanced, vegetarian lifestyle,” explains Lifeline expert Roger Eisen 鈥?”there are bodybuilders who eat purely plant-based foods.” From: Does man need meat?

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