Why did Captain America free himself from his beard in the Avengers endgame trailer?

Although I doubt any of you will do so, don’t take my word as to why Roger’s appearance has changed.This is just my opinion as one of the many fans of the franchise.

There is a theory that suggests that it has something to do with time travel, one of the most recurring themes in the latest Marvel movies.

This is Steve’s suit in his second film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

And that’s his outfit in the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Similar looking?

The theory is that Steve has declined in time and changed his suit to fit into that period.

Personally, I do not agree with this theory. If his change in personality was essential to his adventure through time (to show up or something else), why does he still have the infinity war hairstyle?It could be that he let it grow over time after he finished the time travel, but how often does that happen in movies?

I think it has something to do with changing his mindset and status.

The interesting thing about Steve’s character development is that you can physically keep track of it by looking at his outfit and how it changes over the course of the Marvel movies.

In the First Avenger we see him in his early stage.A child from Brooklyn who fights for freedom, truth and justice. He is a hero and a symbol of what it means to be an American.

This is his first identity, an identity that he will carry in later instalments.

Even before he was recruited to the military, Steve was already Captain America.

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But there is a very significant obstacle, a speed threshold that Steve encounters during his bow, and that’s in Winter Soldier.

In Winter Soldier, we see an internal conflict between Steve’s identity of Captain America, a hero and an icon, and his identity as a soldier.

This soldier identity is evident in the way they designed the suit specifically for the Winter Soldier.The red and white is gone, the blue canvas is darker and its boots are black. When I see him in this suit, I don’t feel an atmosphere associated with the hero Capatain America. I have a more tactical and military feeling, especially in the scene where he fought these pirates on the ship. I think it’s important for us to understand this difference between Steve as Captain America and Steve as a soldier to fully appreciate his character. Moreover, we can see the difference not only in the suits, but also in his actions. In the First Avenger, Steve ventures deep into the territory of Hydra to rescue a large number of U.S. soldiers (including Bucky), although he was not asked to do so by his superior. This is Captain America. It is difficult for him to get into a queue when his belly, his moral character, prompts him to take the initiative. At the beginning of Winter Soldier, however, we see Steve’s Soldier Boy Identity. Fury assigns him a mission in which he must free hostages held by Batroc. In this order, Steve does everything on the letter and takes no other direction than the one that achieves the main goal. He also gets angry when Natasha deviates from the operation and does something that wasn’t according to plan. Later, he expresses this rejection of Fury and gives him a lecture about being a soldier

Basically, the reason he never had this problem before was because the value system in the past and the commands made on the basis of these values did not contradict Steve’s own.In fact, they were fully aligned with each other. In winter Soldier does it. Instead of following orders and not thinking for himself, Steve acts on his own and does what he thinks is right. This is in direct contrast to what the winter soldier is, a mindless robot. At the end of the film, this soldier identity seems to disappear after Steve defeats the two organizations of Hydra and Shield. Captain America’s identity seems to have won.

And the fact that Captain America’s identity remains is evident in his involvement in Age of Ultron and most of the civil wars.

He still wears the old red, white and true.

But it all ends after the little argument with Iron Man.

Branded as an offender for his refusal to abide by the Sokovia agreements, his identity as Captain America is destroyed. He can no longer bear this term when the people who used to be closest to him and the world no longer 🙁 see him that way.

Then he grows a beard and disguises himself torn and sharp!

To return to the question at hand.

Why did he shave? Well, I think it can be answered by looking at what he’s wearing. You don’t want to shave, just walk around in a ripped suit, don’t you?

I think Steve is ashamed and concerned that he is nifty in the Infinity War, which he has somehow messed up.His previous methods were good against other villains, but Thanos was not only a villain and Steve was not at the same level as Thanos. In this case, his soldier mentality enters and he feels good enough, is never good enough. He’s starting to understand that if he wants to win, he needs to get his game back on track and clean up his act. Or maybe he feels like he has nothing to lose after Bucky turns into dust and Peggy dies.

Regardless of what brought him down, Steve puts on the Winter Soldier outfit because he is now in a kind of soldier mentality.

It is not necessarily a grunt to follow orders, but a soldier on a mission, possibly a suicide mission.

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