Why can’t I present for people? I can learn my presentation from my head, but once I stand for everyone, I forget everything right away.

That is panic that strikes.And that panic is about to be perfect. We want to make a good impression, and come across as if we have everything in hand.

I was also terrified during my first chat for more than 50 people.You know what helped? Say I was very nervous. Really! It all went away. Because the people who sit at you look smiling at you, at that time. They understand that very well, and they don’t find that weird at all.

And as a result, your nerves are suddenly no longer very bad.They are just there, but because they are appointed they no longer take the front position. And that gives room to keep your presentation.

Are you still good at this?Don’t you come across as an idiot?

Well, you know: 99.9% or our feelings are human feelings.There are few feelings that are shared with no one. Experiences are different, but the feelings that evoke those experiences are quite universal. So you’re not at all weird when you’re nervous. You think so. You really only fall out of the tone if you are NOT nervous, because the bulk of the people is just real nervous for a chat or presentation. And there’s nothing wrong with that to get out of it.

Contrary.It ensures that you also become an ordinary man in your own eyes, and that nervous are not at all weird. And with it, the strongest basis for the nervous are already gone.

At the time I said “I’m pretty nervous” it was up to that point where.But then…. No, really no more.

I agree with the other responders that your presentation from your head learning is not a very good idea either. I usually had a list with the points I wanted to deal with.Choose a few main points that you really don’t want to forget, put them in large enough format that you don’t have to peer to an A4-piece (because that gets you out of the flow of the moment) and don’t be afraid to look at it every once in a while.

Good luck!!

Who will learn a presentation from his head… I always take some memory support.When I started giving college I had worked out that in detail and written out. That’s what you learn, over time. But memory support or possibly a 芒 鈧?虄agenda芒 鈧劉 is always useful. And I use it or not. But it’s just there. Useful.

Unlike many other commenters, I can present quite well, although no man’s life is without miscanings and certainly not mine, not even In this.

A successful trick I apply is to turn my empathy on while I am speaking.The audience then exists in my imagination from nothing but soulless, cardboard moving faces that cannot do anything without me. I am the director of the Puppet Theatre. After my nomination, I turn them back to real and can start a lively discussion.

I always have a text with me but follow it to the spirit, not to the letter.So it usually goes well.

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