Why can’t a robot click the “I’m not a robot” hook?

Anyone can click on the hook.

If robots could detect captchas, they would no longer have to train detection systems.
You would simply buy the robots around old fonts, cars, trucks, motorcycles, traffic lights, chimneys, business facades, hydrants, people etc.to be recognized.

Or what do you think you’ve been doing this for years?

Wait and see captchas ask you about decisions in situations of ethical dilemmas.

Addendum for experts who cannot/do not want to do their own research.
TedX from 2011 by inventor/developer Luis von Ahn on the use of captchas and recaptchas for ML systems.
Originally a purely text-based application.
It is enough to read the text block at 02:42.
Transcript for “Massive-scale online collaboration
That’s where it all started.

To be precise, the application is such an old hat, for some blinders probably aluhut, that you hardly find anything about it on the net, because it doesn’t really interest any more:
reCAPTCHA (a.k.a. Those Infernal Squiggly Words) Almost Done Digitizing the New York Times Archive
So much too that net forgets nothing.

And who doesn’t want to realize it yet.
Captchas have always consisted of several parts for years.
Several words.
Multiple pictures.
Multiple parts of the image.
Some of it is already classified.
The other part is done as a mechanical Turk.

You haven’t talked about it so openly for a long time, but Google itself still writes under:

“Creation of Value
“Help everyone, everywhere – One CAPTCHA at a time.
Hundreds of millions of CAPTCHAs are solved by people every day.reCAPTCHA makes positive use of this human effort by channeling the time spent solving CAPTCHAs into annotating images and building machine learning datasets.This in turn helps improve maps and solve hard AI problems. “

So that you don’t have to look for it yourself to get a picture of it for yourself:

And if you think what you’re getting for it wouldn’t be anything, then you can hire here.
High-Quality Training Data Platform for ML Models – Figure Eight
If I remember correctly, they pay just under a dollar an hour for image classification.
Google swears by it.

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