Why can persoodities adapt in different circumstances and others do not?

One of the many possible definitions of ‘ human ‘ is ‘ opportunistic customizers ‘.Every person has an adaptation, but the one is very primitive or even defective, with the other it is very well developed. It’s about the skill you can behave in different circumstances, while you’re just ‘ yourself ‘; Your bandwidth, as it were. The Rob who is able to roar his children to the football field on Saturday is the same Rob as the man who sits at the front of the church on Sunday but he does show very different behaviors. 1

Whoever comes into his/her development in many different environments, in many different circumstances, learns that what is appropriate in one place does not have to be in another place.So, drag your children to as many different situations as possible and explain the mores. Dinner at the King’s Commissioner takes other (table) ways than a street barbecue; Museum visit other than a street festival etc. Show your children in full width.

In the treatment of TBS patients, sometimes their very small repertoire occurs, and they often react in a similar way to a wide variety of situations-they ‘ do not fall short ‘.The good news: it is to learn.

(1): I never stand at the football field and I never come into the church either.So to speak.

The answer to this question I do not know, quite a few additional thoughts.

Especially children have a very good adaptation function.They adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This adaptability decreases as you age. You should not transplant an old tree.

Good adaptability is not only a positive feature.Imagine working in a company and they decide to work out all the gays in the sly, and they ask you to arrange that. If you do that nicely then you have a good adaptability, but it does not dent. (Typical example is the complaint officer who must ensure that the complaint is bogged down because the complainant specifies it.)

Many people are real meelopers.When you say them, ‘ Let us help that lady ‘, they find it right, you say, ‘ Let us deprive Mrs ‘, they also find it good.

Seeming adjustment is a good feature.In Hitler Germany Everyone had to bring the Hitler greeting. If you do not join then you will get problems. Seeming adjustment does not go deep. It does not change your opinion and conviction. It can be corrupting. You do act in a custom way. How far do you go?

Whistleblowers are often people with rigid principles.They draw a border that they do not want. Miss teeth cards them to. Both executives and the custom followers don’t like this unadapted behavior. To compensate, cover and Deny is the norm, and if you cannot do that you will not bring it far in life.


I think the answer from R. Ziel is enlightening.Broadly, we can all adapt well, we are higher primates and the ape is in the blood. A whistleblower than someone who can adapt, but who does not want to.

There is also the opportunity to ignore and look away, that we can all do.

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