Why aren’t more users using Linux on their computer?

Thank you for the request.

Linux is not an operating system, but an operating system core.And as such, one of the most widely used in the world.

Linux is in servers, printers, SmartTVs, smart phones, on various super computers, in network devices, modems, Android has the largest device share worldwide with about 38% and is based on a Linux core etc.Etc. Etc. In fact, a lot of users use Linux every day.

The false assumption is that Linux is a desktop operating system for average and home users.That is not the case. Linux plays to its strengths in other areas.

Linus Torvalds is 14 years younger than Bill Gates.Meaning, when the Linux core was first released, Microsoft was already a company, Windows already in version 3, for years on home-user devices and Microsoft already had the contracts.

Linux was a school project and it was never the plan to turn it into an operating system for home users.It was an operating system core and was released as such.

So it’s no coincidence that the home users didn’t care.But professional users who have added the respective programs for their application and have adapted Linux to their needs.

It is therefore no coincidence that this is still the case today.And that’s where Linux plays to its strengths. This is also the reason for a heap of distributions and graphical interfaces. Different purpose and taste.

There are also clear differences between Linux and Windows.

For example, servers do not need a monitor, keyboard, or printer.This is why hardware manufacturers have never properly developed drivers for Linux.

On the contrary.It’s one more reason why home users don’t like to switch to Linux. Because the drivers are missing. Conversely, without users, it makes no sense for hardware manufacturers to invest the time and money to develop the drivers for Linux.

On the contrary.Since Linux is mostly open source and free, there is little money to be made in this area. So the investment doesn’t pay off for hardware manufacturers.

And we’re not even aware that Windows is designed for easy use and users would have to deal with Linux and understand the system to get relevant benefits out.That users would have to deal more with practical topics and less with games. Which, of course, has earned Linux the corresponding and sadly deterrent reputation. And what the users of course don’t like very much. How often, e.g. here on Quora, is the optics asked instead of the practical value? How often do users ask which distribution is best suited for playing Windows and how to port it from Windows to Linux. That is not the point of the matter. Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages.


So there are a lot of reasons why Linux is nifiable in the DESKTOP area and is not used by more users.

Although according to some statistics the number has now tripled and Microsoft is now taking away the fear of Linux from users and showing the advantages!So let’s just wait and see how that goes.

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