Why are you studying physics?


my studies are already a few years behind, but that doesn’t really matter.I studied physics because I was always interested in natural sciences.

As a child, 60 years ago, I was tinkering with small radio receivers, working with kits, solving more physics and chemistry tasks at school than were necessary.But I wasn’t a stray!

Graduates in my place of residence, watched stars with a telescope and I asked questions about it.They explained to me the planets and the Milky Way, which were still seen with the naked eye, in Germany! I still have the pictures in front of me today.

Then I did an apprenticeship as a physics laboratory technician at BASF.When I was about to study, a friend wanted to persuade me to study medicine. I studied physics.

The study was Kn├╝ppelhart.I wanted to throw away the spoon dozens of times. I wrote off the homework of theoretical physics, like 90% of the others. I prepared early for the pre-diploma. Of course, I edited older exam questions collected by others, were also through. Specifically, I prepared for the respective examiner.

That was very important.Some missed out and got poor grades or many through the exam. I had the most difficult examiner in experimental physics. His hobby was the Maxwell equations. Too difficult for pre-diplomas. But, as with poker, I put everything on one card. I prepared the subject perfectly. Hit!

After graduating, however, he worked in medicine for 30 years.And met my friend again, who had studied medicine.

My professional life was then working with radioactivity, linear accelerators and radiation planning.

When I worked in medicine, I realized that if I had studied medicine, I would have made the biggest mistake of my life.

Physics was the best choice.

For 30 years I was a glider pilot and made meteorology my hobby.Studying physics wasn’t a problem.

I developed a patent in my garage lab and got a prize from the government for it.The development took almost 3 years and I spent my free time studying literature. Countless attempts followed. I forget the many evenings, partly in freezing temperatures, in the garage, never (and the warming red wine:-))

This would not have been possible without studying physics.

Then, as an enthusiastic archer, I worked for 6 years in basic physics in archery.

This would not have been possible without studying physics.

Now, in retirement, I work with the Internet on physical problems, solve them or not, and have fun.

Now I try to solve the “Dyatlov Pass” puzzle. You can check it for you on the Internet. I’ve already solved 80%.

This would not be possible without studying physics.

I hope I have answered your question somewhat:-)

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