Why are wedding dresses so expensive?

Since I designed my wife’s wedding dress and was able to accompany the production by my wife’s aunt, I want to throw in some insights from the wedding dress front.

First of all, the expensive thing about the dress is not the design or the material.You can, of course, buy silk, and thirty kilos of material for a subskirt. But the actually expensive effort only begins then. Wedding dresses are so expensive because the fabric has to be processed, but there is a step before that that is essential for the dress. Before the fabric can even be sewn, the fabric must first be cut into the right shapes. The elaboration of a pattern is the real master’s work, which should also be worth their money with very good masters. In the head of the seamstress, every work process and every individual part is created in advance. Functions must be realized that allow the bride to get in and out of the dress. As far as possible without having to be sewn in. The bride should be able to dance with it, sit and ideally go to the toilet alone. She should be able to breathe, and it would be nice if the dress was modular, and you could, for example, take off the top to make it out in the evening from a dress with a high-necked lace top

into an off-the-shoulder corsage.

Now we are already at more than there is off the shelf.

Nothing has been sewn yet! And already now a women’s tailor has spent at least three days developing and preparing the cut. For industrially manufactured clothes probably even more, since the production process has to be taken into account here.

And now it’s sewn what the stuff holds.Underskirts, rods are fitted into corsets, zippers have to be incorporated. All seams must be hidden, and the zips should not be visible openly either. Always work carefully with the sensitive and noble materials, because a damage or a stain in the wrong place can spoil all the work, which of course affects the price. Then overskirt with or without tow, underskirt and the different parts of corsage, upper part and the tuning parts such as buttocks roll, tire or frame must be connected. Before and after, perhaps a pattern was embroidered, flowers sewn and sewn, pearls, patilliettes and rhinestones applied and the hems and neckline refined. And we’re still talking about a wedding dress off the shelf.

Designer dresses with combined fabrics and colors, asymmetrical cuts or things like a fitted collar or neckline multiply the effort.Or teasing modular features, like my wife’s dress, to which the top was attached with invisible buttons.

The main reason for the price of a wedding dress is actually the effort in the production and planning of the dress.

By the way, the great photos are by Konstantin Drieč„˝!

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