Why are very intelligent people sometimes racists?

Why should only stupid racists be?Just because they say Nazis are all idiots doesn’t mean it’s true. There are also enough intelligent racists, just as there are plenty of idiots among the foreigners.

Just because someone says I have nothing against foreigners doesn’t mean they have to be right.It is prescribed in Germany, and since not much has changed here since the Weimar Republic, we are doing what the state requires us to do. In the 3rd Reich it was prescribed to hate foreigners, so they were hated. The Americans told us, evil evil bad Germans. You don’t do that. So it was decided that Germans must like foreigners. To make it more attractive, they simply said that racists are stupid by their very terms. Then I wonder how it can be in many other states, racist universities, mega-corporations and states, and these people should then be our role models. Because they are intelligent, look at what they have done. Blackpeople are just the footer in their households, but that’s because of the general laziness of these people…

We often confuse opinion with intelligence.If someone after some bad experiences, thinks that foreigners are not good people, then that is his opinion. But it doesn’t say much about his intelligence. He had had bad experiences with such people, he would be stupid if he had not drawn the right conclusions from that experience. On the other hand, of course, you can also have good experiences with foreigners, then you can see things differently.

But if you just look at what others say without taking a picture of themselves, it shows very little intelligence.And that includes both camps.

For example, I have had good experiences with foreigners, including bad ones, but these were isolated cases.Just as there are German assholes, there are foreign assholes. Not everyone is like that. However, one should be a little careful, because one does not go to every stranger and gives him the hand. Who knows where this hand was already everywhere.

Even more so, if you now say that racists are automatically stupid, then most foreigners would also be quite stupid.Because they do not have our past and are very open to negative prejudices towards other peoples. I’ve been experiencing this in my work recently, we have a specialist from Africa, very dark skin colour, born in Africa but raised here. Now we also have skilled workers from Kosovo, Albania (also a very good mix), Bosnia and so on. Now the African woman heard that these people have different, better contracts than the Germans, where they belong. She turned around completely, insulted the new ones as dirt aliens and made a huge uprising. She went to the boss and complained about this dirty bagage. The other side was not much better either, they scolded that this Niggerdrecksau had to keep its mouth shut. The German employees keep themselves out of it, but you can see that the foreigners have no problem throwing racist expressions at others and simply not like them.

If we start to see our way of life as better, then we are already racists.Because apparently only the German people are so intelligent to like everyone. Even people who are hostile to the spider, such as the Muslims and the Jews. The two are going to neck each other in their countries and probably won’t stop here.

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