Why are there still people who use C++ when there are so many simpler languages?

I can only answer that for myself.I was paid for the development in PHP, Basic, SQL, Java, JavaScript and C, currently my contract of employment names me as a C++ and C-developer, but I also develop in Python and what else comes in between.
There were also Lisp comparable languages, I already had to deal with various assembler languages, which means that complicated debugging also likes to hang with me.
Today I work mainly professionally but in C++.

Since I also develop privately, the question arises, what do you take when you have the free choice.What is most efficient, the easiest, so that you don’t waste your time in your free time with unnecessarily complicated things.

It’s C++.
I program privately almost exclusively in C++.There’s a bit of make-scripting involved, some bash, but that’s probably it was.

You have to learn C++, but if you can use it, I don’t know of any other language that makes it easier to develop, because you just can’t compile many of the mistakes you can make in Python, C, Java in well-written C++.You can also make many beginner mistakes in C++. But you don’t have to. And if so: they are beginner’s mistakes and I am not a beginner. That’s what you’re going to do. But when it comes to killing really nasty, complicated bugs, C++ saves a lot of work if you use it correctly. That makes it easier for me. I don’t have time in my spare time and I don’t want to debug forever and again, I want to build software that interests me. With 30 years of programming experience, this is no longer a small 1000 LOC tool.
And that’s why Java, C’ and Python aren’t interesting for me in my spare time.

I program a programming language.I orient myself to the things that I liked in the individual languages, there is a JIT compiler, classes and so on. If I were to write this in Java, C, or Python, I wouldn’t have a chance to finish it or would have to reduce my demands on the quality of the software, as well as on the capabilities of the language, because otherwise I don’t have the skills to create a project of this size. control. I use multiple inheritance and generative techniques. There’s no such thing in C, Java, Python. Const-Correctness protects me from making mistakes that I had to debug as a Java developer, because other developers can’t even imagine these bugs, which C++ doesn’t compile at all, but denies with error messages. As a bug, this is a stillbirth, killing bugs can’t be easier.

I don’t have 8 hours a day to program in my spare time.I have to be highly efficient for such leisure projects. I take all the support I can get that makes life easier for me. And that’s why I take C++.

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