Why are there still people who believe that the earth is a disc?

BTW: Not all Flacherdlers believe in a disc shape.They just claim the earth is kind of flat. Definitely not spherical.


There are more psychological reasonsfor IMHO.They usually come from other so-called conspiracy theories (9/11, moon landing, JFK, chemtrails, vaccinations, etc.) and it has already been suggested to you that they are from almost all (official authorities or). elites) are lied to. So brainwashed, it is no longer hard to convince some that they will also be lied to about the earth’s form, which for them is the mother of all conspiracies.

But the background is IMHO the same as for other conspiracy myths, beliefs and ideologies.

They are thus in possession of special knowledge that is not accessible toeveryone.This makes them feel special and superior to others – even those who have a better education. This feels very good to many, especially if they are disappointed (by themselves and their position in society). They are no longer part of the “sleeping sheep” who let everything be told and do not think for themselves. Unfortunately, it is exactly the opposite.

They reject almost any information from established bodies, but unquestionably believe anyone who contradicts the established one.They feel like “awakened” and “free”. The reason may be that you have no chance of changing your life positively due to the supposed lying of the elites and can thus delegate the responsibility for your life to themaway.This probably takes a heavy burden off their shoulders. Maybe that’s why they feel “free.”

Another point is IMO, especially when it comes to the flat earth belief that they finally understand theworld.No complicated connections or even formulas. Everything can be experienced with the senses and can be “explained” by thinking.No inductive, deductive or abstract thinking is necessary. You experience the world the way we did as children. Unfortunately, it is only ad hoc declarations that have been coerced together and which sometimes contradict each other several times, even in the case of fundamental phenomena, such as sunrise/sunset. Even with this, they feel “free”. They instinctively knew from school that they were also lied to there and perhaps were not so successful in some science subjects. This, too, makes her feel superior and to dismiss her responsibilities.

There are also religiousreasons.Through the sole existence of The Earth (stars and planets are only lights, there is no space), they are AUTOMATICALLY something special and their life automatically has a meaning, since a Creator has created them for a purpose. They don’t have to give meaning to their own lives. For a flat earth as they understand it can only have been created by a Creator.

There may be many more reasons.The weight also depends on each flatdler itself. Not everyone is/thinks completely the same.

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