Why are there still gender roles these days?

Do you make jackets with buttons and holes on the same side?

The feminine and the masculine, i.e. the relationship between the two, is the basic framework of social structures.

The contradictions in essence and unity in the goals are the fabric that constitutes community.From the cow village to the empire.

This balancing act manifests itself, among other things, in various focal points of the task.Those who, for conformist motives, try to merge these areas of responsibility completely gender-ignoring, in my experience, try to put an external ideology above the will of the people. It is quite clear that no culture in the world is on its own to eliminate its gender roles.

Today, in many countries, we are persuading women that they would be free, because they now have a 9-5 job, as men always “may” do.It’s emancipation because“housework isnot a job – unless you work 40 hours a week to pay other women to take care of your children. that’s ok.” Whether man or woman, who has to expose what to it is then quickly simply discriminatory, not to arrive in the 21st century or otherwise justified because of his opinion to despise.

This Model of emancipation is a sleight of hand and has never been in the general interest of the population.

The state now has twice as many employees, children are accustomed to following foreign people in the form of institutional authorities from the age of three onwards(or.less social ties to the parental home, less education of a sense of identity = simpler citizens) and you can claim more taxes, because both can then be taxed on income: the one emancipated person who goes to work because housework is not work, and the other that does the housework for the first.

It is quite obvious that women and men can manage their own budgets and do not have to go to work just to pay others for what they themselves would have been better able to do.And why shouldn’t mothers spend as much time with their children as they want instead of bowing to the dictates of actual social construction? If one really wanted to emancipate the woman, she would not understand it today as liberation to have to make the same men’s witness to which we ourselves have mostly no buck.

Women enjoy empathetic things.Emancipation means that mothers in associations (or similar, since the klas. Association concept is also for men) organizes all together with their children and with other families + children to undertake things that promote the personal and academic education of the child to the maximum.Either way, in a modern society, the actual division of roles would be the actual division of roles, rather than “the man’s husband and the woman best both”.

I am aware that everyone is an individual and there are men who want to live uncharacteristically and women who want to live uncharacteristically of women: this does not contradict the above mentioned, I have made this horribly elaborate clarification that otherwise it is four times in each paragraph for the end.Moreover, it is clear to me that, of course, we must not talk about physical but “only” psychological coercion.

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