Why are there so many online news articles that have spelling mistakes? Shouldn’t they get a fine (€100 per misspelled word) for writing bad Dutch or is this too radical?

‘ In the past ‘, not so long ago, a final editorial was responsible for the correct spelling in articles (among other things, because the content also had to be correct).

Since the education-defining gurus have decided, that children can write what they say in the beginning and words like ‘ pancake ‘ are correct nowadays (while there is really only one pan used in baking!), that words are unnecessarily loosely written (!) and spelling has become a poor child in language teaching, the effects begin to become visible slowly.The young end editors can no longer extract the spelling mistakes (all of them).

Add to this that the final ‘ power ‘ lies with the setter (V/m), which also makes his/her mistakes on the computer/during the setting, and articles are full of spelling mistakes.Or comma errors. This sometimes makes hilarious mistakes, by the way.

Giving a fine is a bit radical, but the offenders cannot help them to have had poor language education.And then the government, which caused the problem, would still earn money from it, too? That doesn’t seem really convenient/logical/desirable…

Dutch could call you a democratic language.No one is the boss. Therefore it changes continuously. In comparison, Spanish could be called a dictatorial language. It has a posh institute, the Real Academia, which monitors Spanish. They determine whether a word may be admitted, they write letters on legs to authors who make mistakes or use unapproved words. Spanish is a static language. I can read a Spanish text from the sixteenth century without much difficulty, while I have great difficulty with a Dutch text from the nineteenth century.

However, in the Netherlands we also have a number of fossilized lords who monitor our language.They invent absurd rules that require you to write pancake or solar system. At the same time there is probably no one who writes flawless Dutch.

Fortunately, these gentlemen have little to say so that Dutch is a lively language with all sorts of funny new words and a relatively simple grammar.Another consequence of this vibrancy is that young people and new users write many things that are seen as wrong.

Deal with it, matties.

Stocold (so at least three spelling reforms experienced), 40 years from Holland gone and and twenty years ago rough from the Dutch tribe bumped, I had to give up the Dutch spelling.While I was ever, note both Bene, Corrector (proofreader). What is apparently now written with a C…

And so I make spelling mistakes, and I have been ruthlessly capitalized on this by a Quora. NLReader.

But of course there is no excuse: your patch has game correction anyway… So those who make spelling mistakes just have to stand against the wall and stay there for a long time.You just have to look better at the Red Twirl line. Fine? Meh. Corporal punishment are more adapted for such luddites.

I do stand regular PAF: Excuse again with X and C!!???And correction with two CS – that was already corrected in nineteen hundred as many-and-fifty?

And who should look for it?Quora is also full of spelling mistakes.

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