Why are there so many celebrities addicted to Fentanyl? (or victims of their Fentanyl addiction?) ?

I have no data on hoeoften fentanyl addiction occurs among celebrities compared to non-celebrities.It is certain that addiction to celebrities gets more media attention, which can result in the perception that it is more common among celebrities. In addition, it is known that several professions pose an increased risk of addiction in general. This also applies to social environments in which resource use often originates and/or normalised. It is not inconceivable that certain types of celebrities may develop a dependency more often.

Another observation is that the celebrities who are addicted to fentanyl mainly have a North American background.

As far as fentanyl is concerned, there is a significant increase in opiate use in North America, especially fentanyl, but also oxycodone and heroin..

This is a direct consequence of the prevailing opinion in the years â €™ 90 that pain was often negotiated and that no one should suffer pain.It was also stated at the time that opiates would not have been™ N High addiction hazard as previously claimed. The wave of Heroin loss in the years â €™ 80 seemed to be trivialized. Combined with the commercial way in which medication is promoted and marketed in the United States, this led to the increased use of opiates, including fentanyl.

Sufentanil is about 100 times as potent as heroin and has proven to be highly addictive.Because opiates were so readily available in North America, a new wave of opiate addicts was inadvertently created. Mostly fentanyl addicts. Where the average age of opiate addicts in the Netherlands lies between the 45â € “50 years, it lies in North America between 20â €” 30 years. So a whole new generation with opiate addiction has arisen, which in the Netherlands (still) has not taken place.

In addition, the approach to addiction in the United States is primarily a judicial case, which has been driven by political influence on policy.In Europe and therefore also in the Netherlands there is a completely different vision of addiction, namely that of a medical illness combined with social problems. There is also compulsory universal health insurance in the Netherlands, which allows all people with addiction in the Netherlands to receive medical treatment for their disease. In the United States, there are situations in which people as a result of their addiction come into the financial problems and therefore no longer can pay medical treatment. As a result, they are appointed to self-help groups and religious organizations rather than professional evidence-based treatment.

In summary, there is more and more easily available fentanyl, its use is more normalised and there is lack of professional treatment in addiction problems in North America.

These factors together have led to an increase in opiate addicts, including fentanyl addicts in the general population in North America.Especially by the first two points, American celebrities will also be at risk of developing an addiction to fentanyl.

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