Why are there people who believe that the Earth is flat?

I am going to ignore the people who believe that the Earth is flat, because it would be in the Bible.Apart from the remark that the Bible does not offer any guidance to believe that the Earth has any form whatsoever, these people often do not apply the following (entirely). It is more sticking to something that they believe is ‘ solid and true ‘. ‘ Uncertainty ‘ plays a strong role here.

But what about the people who are not conservative Bible-believing people?I have experienced a few, and stupid they are definitely not. So what is the reason?

The main reason is the Dunning Kruger effect.

When you ‘ know ‘ what others do not know, when you are ‘ consecrated ‘ to a secret that other people believe, that it is not true, when you as one of the few are not so stupid to believe in a global conspiracy, then you are clear ‘ Smarter ‘ than the others.

The headpieces in the ‘ Flat Earth ‘ movement have all the characteristics that fit into this whole ‘ Dunning Kruger ‘ story.

The followers in such a movement play a second factor.By joining a ‘ closed movement ‘ you have a sense of togetherness. It does not differ so much with the ‘ tracking ‘ of a sect.

The ‘ followers ‘ in such a ‘ Flat Earth ‘ movement are often the less ‘ scoring ‘ people in social skills.In These kinds of movements, they often feel better accepted.

This is actually reflected in almost every more or less organized ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ movement.

The nice thing is that these movements also break down quickly.For example, the Flat earth movement is divided into a number of ‘ sub-currents ‘, which are more intertwined with each other, than the ‘ Round Earthers ‘. For those ‘ others ‘ do not believe that there is a dome over the flat Earth, that it does or does not have ‘ high ice walls ‘ around the flat Earth and about the real nature of the sun and moon

The fact that this happens is also very obvious.Such a movement attracts people who want to feel ‘ special ‘ by having knowledge that others do not have and how much more ‘ special ‘ You are, when you not only preached a deviant theory, but within that theory it claims to have even more knowledge than the rest.

The difference not much of the ‘ the Shoe is the Sign ‘ scene from ‘ Life of Brian ‘

Because they look no further than their Pinnokkio nose is long.

They did their utmost to gather members from all corners of the world.(See photo)

I have to think of this.When God created the globe, he then created man, and commanded him to spread to all corners of the earth. What did the OLE laugh about. He no longer came. Suddenly the man was wiser and found out that whatever they did, they never encountered a corner somewhere, when the theory arose that the Earth was flat but round, a disk. It was argued that of all the sailors who left and no longer returned, they accidentally fell over the edge (ships do not, water). Every now and then more intelligent people revolted and by observing very well they saw that the earth was spherical. But God had made a backup for that, and that is called ‘ faith ‘. It was that these members, who were just above their ground level, were made a head smaller.

Then came Columbus.He was really a terrible guy, really a whiner. So annoying that IE was sent from the box to the shore, and in that way also kept the emotions busy, the roemoeren started, the convex earth theories were in-hurled the world, and the situation became untenable.

One tried a neary plan to be rid of this louse in the fur, and for good, because yes, you go over the edge and bye Chrissie!.So he got three ships, probably already in the nomination to be written off, a crew that consisted mainly of very vague figures (deplorables) and was festively waved to get out of the spotlight after a while. After one or two months, one thought: ‘ Well, it has been there ‘.

But suddenly he lay for reason, and how!He had gold and drugs as tobacco! Well, then you do want to quickly believe that the Earth sphere is not? All that goodies and gold on top. All mankind was unstoppable, no longer to hold, and conquering all those new territories began, yes every corner was claimed by that or that. There were more and more tasty and expensive things coming from it, from gold, coca leaves, all sorts of “medicinal” herbs and beautiful gems to the most beautiful wood species. Also the potato, corn and Quinoa. It became a great celebration, one was doing plenty of war with each other, it could not.

Well, God was the Devils, come on say, create a planet for his pleasure and see there, they replace him with all that nonsense.But the OLE is patient, he waited for everyone through everything and some of everything and still some lost,: IET The central banks set up, fiat money, and everything walls with exotic diseases and subsequent pests, he made humanity in fact crazy.

But humanity remained in the convex earth, so after a few world wars and the subsequent ‘ paperclip operation ‘ He created the CIA through his envoys here on Earth.Do should make sure that everything will work as old as before. The OLE already had a lot of need for a good laughing mood.

There they started (CIA) quickly.Globalism made its appearance in an official manner, and the case was round. Afterwards, some theories of experimentation were thrown into the world. The same CIA they promptly called ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ so they could very easily tick who will become the appropriate differs of their secret theory. And then suddenly came the Hollow Earth theory. Not the bulbous but the HOLLOW. That struck in like a bomb. All those asjram communes hippies who had undergone a spiritual CIA guru Brainwash were right, and with a lot of LSD weed, groupsex and naturism, this theory became hugely popular. Even though you could not find a hole anywhere to visit this Hollow Earth, but man, what is that nice chat with a wine and a joiner say, you often got a hard one from it. But it started to wear off, some were already grandpa and their grandchildren started to laugh at them too. So, one had to quickly make the final blow to please the old man, and look, suddenly through a lot of those New Age and rain boogjes Hello Kitty Internet Groups This theory was released. And that was Recre Joh, because you just got out of nowhere a really cool theory presented, wow, and angry that they were on the liars who still believe in the bulbous Earth, because once you roll, you keep rolling in your convex earth jerk , that kind of thing saw you pass by. So the trolls started and the division was already as old.

The Flat Earth believers have done their best, that in a few years they have performed a tremendous achievement, they really have members now, really in all corners of the earth all of a sudden.

And that old?He is in supreme mood, laughs again a fracture causes ‘ climate change ‘ and all that fun, and no longer comes with laughter.

Meanwhile, his disciples conquer all the Earth, and watch how.

Even the Physiscs-Astronomy society can no longer keep up.

It’s going to be too fast apparently.

These are people whose living and thinking world has unfortunately remained extremely limited.These same people also use almost every day countless techniques that have emerged from the scientific fact that the earth is really convex. But they don’t even realise that…

[Afterword on some comments

People.Go Boating, flying, swimming, whatever.A little bit further than an ant in a “cup of flat water” or the “flat Street” in which you live. Go past the horizon. And again beyond the horizon. And beyond. You notice that the earth is round. Just as the explorers did centuries ago, looking for new routes to India. They already knew it. And many scholars centuries before that, even though.

Flat-Earth thinkers are nothing but a bunch of idiots or discussion-hungry joke jackets.

My advice to them: go do something better with your time, attention and energy.For example, questioning actual yet unknown phenomena and finding solutions that the world really has to do with such as possible causes and remedies regarding multiple sclerosis, or how a bear animal can survive in space. Or elaborate the recent discovery that fungi can break plastic biologically…

The main reason why those people are there is to make us laugh.

‘, ‘ I think they don’t really believe in it; They just want to hunt the goegemeent on the rod and they do the mood-ten-living!:-) It’s just a couple of (amateur) actors.

“,” Not everyone believes it, but say they believe it to get attention.The people who believe it think they are critical thinking and that the moon landing is fake and continue to ask for evidence.

Because it is in some fashion to go against all the normal and logical ways of thinking.Just call “Nietes”. And then say that everything is just an opinion.

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