Why are the United Nations so ineffective?

The bigger, the more ineffective.

Put two or three countries that are politically, geographically and economically close together in a common union, and you get an effective union.The Benelux, for example, or the original European Union.

The United Nations is the opposite of this.Many different countries with different problems, different economies, different ideologies, etc. It can actually be no different than inefficient.

It is time to pick up my permanent reference, Yes, Minister, to illustrate:

I think that this has something to do with that some countries can block an action by a veto.

eg,: The US wanted to investigate the misuse of chemical weapons by the Assyria in Syria.Russia has interests in Syria and has taken his reign in protection.

Russia was therefore against such an investigation and blocked this investigation.

So the UN is sidelined.

Right of veto in the Security Council.Of China, Russia and the USA, there is always one motion.

The UN Security Council is a world dictatorship where 5 world powers have a right of veto and the world’s rulers, the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom do not want to waive their right of veto and their abuse of power and Colonial privileges.The world’s rulers are opposed to an absolute democratic General Assembly of the UN with all power. That is why the creation of an alternative democratic UN with no right of veto is needed, and all resolutions are taken by the General Assembly, in absolute democracy, each country one vote.

Instead of being ruled by respect for human rights, peace, truth and Justice, the world is now governed by a dictatorship.

For by this dictatorship the world can dominate the United States of America (USA), with the support and complicity of Europe, threaten the world, attack, conduct terror bombing on countries that oppose the predatory free market , and thus the world unbridged out.

Now the values of Europe and the VSA are still colonialism, racism, slavery, domination, aggressive wars, exploitation, genocide and negationism.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are Western partisan organizations that defend the interests of the master of slaves and world rulers by conceing or downsizing the Nazi horrors of Western world rulers and by Only to focus on the violation of human rights of the slaves/colonized countries and the ‘ enemies ‘ of the Western world rulers.

The reports of human rights organisations are used by the world’s rulers as legitimation to conduct 100 times more cruel, barbaric aggression wars to destroy opponents, exercise control and their resources and commodities to plunder.The human rights organisations continue to trivialise the total destruction and genocide of 2 million people through the barbaric illegal aggression war against Iraq.

Alternative Democratic UN

I believe that a more peaceful world and a more equitable distribution of wealth can only be done through an in-depth reorganisation of the UN Security Council, namely the abolition of the right of veto and the abolition of the Security Council of The UN. The United States of America, Europe and their allies must justify themselves to an international war crimes court and crimes against humanity.

Given that we still live in an imperfect and sickly greedy world, still living in an era where the law of the strongest applies, the countries of the South, Latin America, Africa and Asia, the Movement of Non-Aligned countries must be a Alternative Democratic UN, with a (alternate) head office in the south.Where all resolutions are taken by majority vote, each country, one vote.

The Movement of Non-Aligned Countries should also ask China and Russia to join the alternative democratic un.The countries that want to be able to sit in the dictatorial UN. The alternative and democratic UN must also meet regularly together and take resolutions with 2/3 majority.

I believe that this alternative democratic UN should also establish an alternative World Bank and an alternative international court.This international court must judge the war crimes and crimes against humanity of the world, including the genocides of European colonial rule and the cruel aggressions of the USA and NATO against sovereign countries such as Vietnam, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.

For the first time in the history of mankind there must be rules of play that are equal for all.There must be concrete definitions with objective parameters for “self-defence”, “aggression”, “occupation”, “terrorism”, “perpetrator” and “victim”, “lateral damage”. The rules of the game must be the same for each country.

Now we live in a world dominated by the strongest, where the mighty perpetrators decide that what they do is good and that the others/enemies are “untermenchen/terrorists”.

Europe and the United States of America dehumanize certain groups of people, as the Nazis have done.

The alternative democratic UN should vote resolutions on the following points:

* A Palestinian state on the borders of before the war of 1967 with East Jerusalem as capital city.

* Condemn the occupation of Bahia de Guantanamo in Cuba and of the island of Diego Garcia.These are a violation of international law and a violation of territorial sovereignty. With the aggravating circumstance that the United States of America sees Cuba as an enemy and does not maintain diplomatic relations with it. Such a thing comes down to an extreme humiliation of a master versus a slave.

With the aggravating circumstance that the people of Diego Garcia were deported from their motherland with coercion and violence, and thus still live as displaced persons and refugees and still waiting for a return.In doing so, the United States of America uses a Nazi ideology not to apply human rights to prisoners of war. They use the argument that Guantanamo is not located in the territory of the USA in order not to apply US laws and rights.

* Ensure a referendum in Okinawa to put an end to the occupation and to bring about the departure of the American troops.The majority of the population is opposed to this humiliating and dismissive occupation by the former executioner. This occupation brings a lot of inconvenience, rape of indigenous women, noise nuisance and environmental damage.

* The Israeli nuclear dossier: the same conditions imposed on Iran by the world’s rulers must also be applied to the nuclear weapons of Israel, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and France, the countries that Behind the harassment, sanctions and threats are against Iran.

* A worldwide ban on aerial bombing, No-Fly zone for military planes with aggressive targets.

The power relations in the aggression Wars of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and NATO countries against North Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… are frightening and thus in itself war crimes.Such as the power relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. It’s like people killing insects with meppen and insecticides. They are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

* The bombing with nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the biggest terrorist attacks in history.I believe that the international community has long had to demand the full disarmament of the United States of America. The international community had long had to impose a ban on aggression wars by the world’s rulers.

* Recognizing the cruel genocide of tens of millions of people in the European colonies.Grant a privileged statute of victims, as with the Jews, to the victims of the European genocide. Criminalising the glorifying and denying the colonial genocide against Innocent and vulnerable people.

* The old European colonial forces commit to the payment of a “Wiedergutmachung” amount for the benefit of the heirs of the victims of the genocide perpetrated by colonial Europe.The wealth of Europe is theft by force, about 30% of the wealth of Europe must be returned to the rightful owners, the people of the ancient colonies.

I believe that all organisations and Ngos that strive for peace and the equitable distribution of wealth, development cooperation organisations, all human rights organisations, MSF, Amnesty International, Pax Christi, World solidarity, Red Cross, league for Human Rights… Should strive to abolish the dictatorial situation at the UN. If these organizations do not do this then they finally play doubles and poultice with the cruel World predominer.All these organisations for charity and with good intentions must sue these criminals and the world’s rulers on a daily basis;

UN Security Council a World dictatorship





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