Why are the Germans so efficient?

“are the Germans so efficient” ?
I’m not quite sure, sorry.

I worked in Corsica for about a year and a half and learned a lot from (real) locals there.

a) What is it about?What should I do, boss ? Exactly, please.
b) What is the use of?Exactly, please.
c) How long should it last?
d) Who pays me ?when? Down payment for the material, for the tool ?

Then you go to the bistro, Appéritif.And let the night pass over it. Sleep brings advice.

In the morning, you will be assured that yesterday’s answers will still apply.
If so, get to work.
To exactly what was asked – even if it was total nonsense.The boss is always right, the customer is king – as long as he pays.
We are doing what has been asked, not less, but no more.

If you want to go very fast, too fast, you say, “Please find someone else.”You will not cancel your already running construction sites !
If someone wants to build a stone house in the middle of winter in the mountains, they tell the customer that it is freezing and the mortar will not last.If the customer still wants to, you let him sign it and build it, and in the next or the next spring it just collapses.

A lot of things are done by themselves.Yes no haste not ! In summer it is too hot to get excited, in winter it is too cold.
If this does not suit you, you can look elsewhere.No one forbids him to do so.

A nice example:
Clean the floor or bathroom.Or encrusted dishes.
Despite all the advertising, the means offered do not do what is shown on tv: with spraying, wiping and away, whiter than white, shinier than new, there is simply naughty.
On the continent you go to scrub, with arm lard.

Not the corsicans : Spray the agent, let it pull, spray it again, keep moist and wait.Only then wipe off. Yes do not brush. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
In the meantime, you take care of other things.And also about the most important thing in life: life.

This is efficiency !

There are still many such examples.However, a non-corsis must be very careful not to be cut over the ear. There are stupid ones everywhere…

The Corsicans are anything but lazy.If it has to be, they do the hardest work.
I knew some young people, such as a goat herder.He cheerfully singed and whistled with his herd over three high passes and two valleys down to the sea. A “continent” should comply with this first…
Every morning, an employee of the community carried my material (expensive measuring devices, photo equipment, laptop, drinking water, cold lunch, a total of between 35 kilos and 38 kilos) up to my workplace, in the evening back down – when I couldn’t do it myself.He danced up the rocky slope, as if nothing were. He had to wait for me all the time…
At the top of the rocky outcrop, he squats over the abyss, he looks at the land, the villages and hamlets (his country) from above.View as far as Sardinia. Give him a cool beer – after all, he had worn it ! Mine too… Before the sun hit really hard (it was high summer, south slope), he went down again, taking care of his work and family.

What is efficiency ?
Living to work, or work to live ?Where is the healthy mediocrity ?

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