Why are Tesla riders the most speeding drivers in 2018? Does it have to make their car?

This is quite difficult to determine.There are several factors. It is of course on the car, with a fast car people have faster the develop OK to drive harder. Tesla’s are fast especially in acceleration, but they are also very quiet inside and well insulated. This will ensure that people are not able to properly estimate their speed, which means that they can drive faster too fast. And then you still have the driver, you have a driver who has a fairly aggressive driving style, then you can go out of it than this driver makes a quick departure. However, if you have a driver who is very careful, you also have much less chance of a speed violation. These two factors together can give a reasonable explanation as to why Tesla riders have the most speed violations.

Tesla’s are expensive.People with expensive cars suffer less from expensive traffic. Traffic fines are therefore not a real deterrent for high speeds. The same goes for drivers of other expensive models.
People don’t buy Tesla because they want to save the environment.They drive Tesla because they are expensive and because they might have to pay less road tax in an electric car for now. They drive Tesla because it is exclusive.

It is a tricky provision.

It looks very much like that mesne with a Tesla, which is not the most inexpensive cars ziojn, and therefore more T espenderen, have less to look at the fines where they can easily pay them,

With a Tesla you can drive fast too hard.

In 35 years of motoring I have had three times a traffic offence due to a (small) speed violation.So an aggressive driver is not me. If I’m running too hard that’s not usually intentional, but I’ve overlooked a traffic sign for example.


In the past I drove in cars like Opel Astra and Toyota Auris, never BMW, Audi or Gtijes.I could hear how hard I rode about. Since a month I have been driving in the least fast version of the TESLA Model 3 (purchased privately). Like other electric cars, it is so quiet that I often have to look at the speedometer not to drive too hard. Ideally, it would be a Head Up Display that projecting the speed on the windshield.

I don’t want to drive too hard, but if the autopilot is not on (Dynamic cruise control) It still takes me a lot of attention to keep the right speed.I prefer to ride on the autopilot, wonderfully relaxed, exactly the right speed.

A few days ago I saw a police car just behind me on a road where you can get 50.I checked my speedometer and saw that I drove 60. Quickly corrected, luckily no offence.

Very fast Car

I am a quiet rider but I confess that it does give a kick to pull up at lightning speed.Even above 100 km per hour the acceleration is considerable. And then I have the least fast Tesla out there. The road location is very good due to the very low center of gravity. I can imagine that it is therefore very tempting to drive too hard. I put the car on chill mode to not pull too hard, that helps though.

Edit: In people in Tesla, Audi, BMW and Volvo drive most often too hard I read

In doing so, the CBS did not correct the number of kilometres driven.This is higher for business riders than with individuals. In addition, lease cars were more likely to be compared for speeding than cars from individuals: 35 to 31 percent. Presumably that largely explains why a brand like Tesla, with many business riders, finishes high in the list.

What strikes me personally is that many Tesla riders are the AIS who used to have a BMW or an Audi.These people only buy a car to tear it. A Tesla is ideal for this.

If you wonder why, for example, you can look at the new Tesla Roadster .This draws on from 0 -100 km in 2.1 seconds.

For example, comparing with an Audi R8 GT is 3.6 seconds.So the Tesla Roadster is 1, 7x so fast with pulling up.

Therefore, you can probably conclude that many Tesla riders are people who like to drive (too) hard and do not adhere to the rules.Which they also have a greater chance of a fine.

(This last piece can be nonsense.It is purely an assumption.)

In addition, it can also be other things, such as how correct the mileage is. For many cars, a lower mileage is deliberately indicated.So if you drive 50 km/h, you actually drive 45 km/h. If you then drive according to your mileage 54 km/h, you will still not be flashed. Because, probably you will drive about 49 km/h and in addition, the police still do 3 km/h.

But if the Tesla is so regulated that when you drive 50 km/h, you will actually be driving 50 km/h.Then you have faster chances of a penalty if you drive for example 54 km/h. Because even though the police are doing 3 km/h, you are still driving 51 km/h, so too hard.

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