Why are some women afraid of pregnancy?

Puuuhhh… I think it is often less pregnancy than the consequences of pregnancy.

As a woman, you have problems just because you might get pregnant.Apart from how much money needs to be spent on monthly needs and necessary contraceptive and regulatory resources. When a woman applies for a job, it is always taken into account whether she already has children, whether she could have children or what is “wrong” with her if she does not want one.

While a man can benefit from being a father (then he is considered to be more grounded, calmer, more reliable), it is a disadvantage for a woman, because it is mostly the women who have to be there for the children in case of illness and appointments, and of course also the grace period is a “downtime”.The results of this are extremely reflected in terms of career opportunities and income. And this can lead to a dependency on the child’s father, which can be problematic. Of course, children for women are also an extreme cut in their own life planning.

In addition, a pregnancy is not exactly paradisiacal.I am not saying that it is hell (although for some women it may well come close to that), but this future living being needs a lot of energy, which must be handed over from the mother to the child. Nowadays there are ways to prevent the teeth from failing, as was often the case (besides other things that could happen), but even with modern medicine, not everything is always ‘refillable’ for all mothers and some people really need to take on a lot of things.

Well, and then, of course, there are also dangerous pregnancies.Fortunately, they are rare, but they do exist. Some women are not allowed to become pregnant at all, others have hereditary diseases that they could pass on to a child, I can imagine that the prospect of pregnancy in such a case is not without fears.

And – and we must not forget – today’s world expects perfection, especially from young women.They should be pretty, without traces of any effort, let alone physical bleaching. Pregnancy, however, leaves its mark. And when a young woman has stretch marks after her pregnancy and suddenly is no longer good enough, because she is no longer perfect… or – God forbid – not perfect make-up early in the morning, awake eye with cheerful smiling beaming towards the world… or in the end even suffers from depression, because their hormone balance was totally confused by the birth… Women can certainly be afraid of this.

For me personally, it would be the fact that I couldn’t offer a child a life like a child would deserve, and my life wouldn’t be what I wanted.

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