Why are some people so quiet and almost never say anything?

The most common reason for this is understood in psychology as an expression of a stable personality trait: it is called‘introversion’or ‘introvertedness’, and thus designates a comparatively very stable property. the so-called “Big Five personality traits – Wikipedia” or”Big Five (psychology) – Wikipedia

An estimated 30% to 50% of people are considered primarily introverted, but, despite their often great strengths, as they place little emphasis on them, are generally underestimated by non-introverts and in the general public.
Introverted people differ from extroverts as early as baby age (e.g.in their response to noise ), and later usually show greater empathy, stronger analytical skills, can listen better, are more independent in their judgment, think and argue more diversely and more broadly supported, but typically also show E.g. much higher sensitivities to distracting stimuli (such as in open-plan offices (see also: Harvard study: Open-plan offices silence employees) and, because they are more widely superior, are slower in their judgments.A more comprehensive overview can be found under “92 Properties of Introverts – Introvertiert.org

(Presumption: Since the ability to express and explain oneself in writing is also counted among the typical strengths of introverts, I suspect that the proportion of these also among the ‘Quorians’, prevails … )

(Perhaps an inspiration to a research hypothesis : in his (great) book “Quick Thinking, Slow Thinking“, the psychologist and economics ‘Nobel Prize winner’ David Kahneman distinguishes between two very different ways of thinking: “System-1” (fast and error-prone) and “System-2” (conscious and energy-intensive). To this end, to my knowledge, there are currently no possible links to extra/introversion research results … would it be a rogue who would like to see exactly that investigated, and would not be very surprised by a connection?… 😉

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