Why are some people sadistic?

Brain gene defect = psychopaths with an anti-social personality disorder.

I met such a monster as a policeman in the Philippines.With a lie, he took me to the dirty, unhygienic police arrest, where a new T-shirt was stolen from me in the small room.

To get to freedom the next day, I had to sign that I wouldn’t do anything about the monster.Nevertheless, I signed a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for deprivation of liberty. That was in September 2013. Signed by 3 prosecutors, I then received a letter that my lawsuit would not be accepted.

The fine sadist filed a lawsuit against me, but I was not aware of it.I had a summons in court in April 2014, but since I did not receive an invitation from the court, I could not go either.

I have been analysing the system structures in Asia, especially in the Philippines, since 2000 to 2019, and I warn anyone not to visit the Philippines, because too many psychopaths with brutal Spanish conqueror blood are driving their mischief here to terror.

When I was sitting on the terrace with my wife and daughter in September 2015, I was arrested and taken to a police custody.I didn’t come to court hearings and then it turned out that the psychopathic judge didn’t send out a letter, which was part of the strategy.

I was arrested on a Friday in 2015 so that no one could pay the trigger in court that day.So 4 days/nights in unhygienic, antisocial police arrest. As is customary among psychopathic friends and colleagues, the police officer was informed that I had been booked in. Now this perverted policeman came to the police arrest, looked at me behind the bars and pulled his cap off his head with pleasure to demonstrate with a smile that he has so much power over a foreigner.

In the police arrest, I noticed that a police officer was “sitting in” to hear what the criminals were saying.I then made a statement to the entire staff: “I am astonished how stupid the Filipino officials are. In 2000, international tourists were kidnapped by the Philippine Abu Sayyaf group in Malaysia and they do not know the IMP & II – International Military Police and International Investigative observe the South China Sea and Celebes Sea region and and they’ll grab us!”

The policeman working under cover was a bit frightened and thought they had a security status.

The result of this experience and the incident of a German who was 550 km from my adventure city, came to prison by a lie and we drove together 550 km to the north, which triggered the Germans.He had to be taken out of the danger circle and stayed in the south for two months. He then wanted to go back to his house, where his wife, pregnant by a local, took him to prison with a lie. He got a warning from us that if he went back he wouldn’t survive and in fact he was dead in a few weeks.

From all the investigations, evidence emerged that in the Philippines Regional Hall of Justice syndicates were established, under the direction of judges.This syndicate pays money to police officers to construct their subordinates, younger employees, by lying.

For sadistic officials, that’s nice if you can live out your madness.Incidentally, my competent judge did not send me 6 important letters in order to achieve total power and dependence above me.

Just as psychopaths can be identified in politics.The previous government under Aquino was informed about this case and another 5 cases, the Minister of Justice Laila de Lima, who is currently in prison.

The current government under Rodrigo Duterte is under attack worldwide for disposing of psychopaths.However, the President’s office has made sure that my criminal case is stopped. The nice thing about all the negative analysis results. I received from the prosecutor 3 based on lies reasons for my artificially constructed criminal case: 1. Direct attack on a policeman 2. Indirect attack on a policeman 3. Resistance against the state authority.

The responsible corrupt, criminal, terrorist judge informed me that my case has been closed, but that my security will not be returned.Since you also find friendly, nice people in the Philippines, it is the majority, some of whom have also been and are victims of psychopathic system structures, that the system should be ripped off with hard means and a better system should be set up.

Confidence is good, control is better.Hence the advice to the President: open an anti-corruption office on each island, as in Macau etc. Everyone can tell if someone is abusing his position as a civil servant, then you can report such sadists and then ab …. Normal in reserves or according to the Chinese method to use these psychopathic monsters as spare parts reserve, because these monsters can never change and improve, they are always a danger to the general public. Moreover, it is now possible to prove the brain damage caused by MTR devices, to document them, so that no innocent person enters the reserves.

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