Why are some people just happy?

Why some people are just happy, is not by one-time events.But by daily habits.

Research shows.

Therefore, use these habits as a checklist for yourself.

Because your habits also determine the direction of your life.


We all know the benefits of sports and exercise.Studies Even show that two weeks of regular sports improve our self-image, even before our weight or body shape changes.

Now it also turns out that even minimal sports sessions have a few minutes of effect, so everyone can find time to play sports.

2.Watch Less TV

Watching television has a negative impact on our minds: it influences our view of the world, makes us consume more, and renders us less satisfied with our lives.

Scientists are now even investigating the possibility that too many TV-watching can reduce your life expectancy .

You don’t have to throw your television on the street right away, but watching less TV can be the best decision you can make to become happier.


Go out

Recently, a study has been published that demonstrated that simply spending time outdoors increases your energy level, prevents feelings of exhaustion, and ensures that you just feel better.And with outside, of course, I don’t mean the walk from your front door to the car.

So look for ways to spend more time outdoors or in nature.For example, go for a fifteen minutes walk every evening.

4.Read fiction

Reading stories has a physical impact on our brain.Reading allows for increased brain activity, even five days after your book is read.

If you are already a bookworm, this will not surprise you.

In the other case, you may want to start with Harry Potter or Pieter aspe.


There are countless studies that show that giving happiness and alleviates stress.Find a goal, a person or a grouping in which you believe, and give a consistent, monthly amount. It will do them well, it will do you good, and it makes the world a better place.

You can also give time instead of money, which is called volunteer work.It turns out that when you spend time as a volunteer, you start to get the feeling that you have more time. Volunteers also feel better about themselves, experiencing less stress and development a better bond with others.The ideal is shown to be 100 hours per year (2 hours per week).

6.Buy fewer things and more experiences

Buying life experiences, rather than material possessions, leads to greater happiness for yourself as a ‘ buyer ‘ itself and for your environment.

So decide to spend more money on meaningful, memorable experiences rather than possessions.

7.Show Gratitude

One of the most contributing factors to life happiness is how much gratitude you are showing.This can be with three small expressions per day: “Thank you for…”



No smile made, but a smile because of positive thoughts.That improves your mood. One way to accomplish this is to get nice memories or think more positively about your current situation.

Also smiling because of game is quite effective.Only: Who takes time to play with friends or children?

9.Decide to be happy

Participants in a lucky survey who listened to “happy” music and actively attempted to feel happier, reported the highest level of a positive mood afterwards, rather than the subjects who only went to the music Listened.

In other words, deciding to be happy is a productive decision in the direction of really reaching it too.

Integrating These 9 new habits into your life at the same time is too much in demand.

Therefore, choose one or two.

And give that a month’s time.

You will be amazed at how quickly they become a habit.

Is often determined how you look at your life.Are you one that is happy with what you have, or one that always wants more.

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