Why are some Dutch so arrogant?

It is quite normal for people from another culture to conceive Dutch as arrogant.We do not mean that. What you see are culture differences. In The Netherlands we have a I-culture. That is an opposite of a we culture. [1

In ‘ n Hope countries you see that the group is more important as the individual.These are the We cultures. It would be very inappropriate in such countries to contradict group members in public. It is more important that the group is a strong one.

The Netherlands has a IK-culture.We would find it inappropriate if someone from the group makes mistakes, and that the rest of the group does not jump in to correct that person. Dutch people are expected to make their own opinions and their own assessment of the situation, no matter what other members do.

The We-cultures see I-Cultures as arrogant, and the I-cultures see the We-cultures as sheepishly.What is therefore extremely brutal and unheard of in other countries is precisely what Dutch people are supposed to do. We can hardly imagine that we are submissive, and the Dutch are quite extreme in that respect among the I-cultures.

Another difference between cultures that makes the Dutch seem brutal and arrogant is in the difference between high and low context cultures.[2

In A high context culture there are many implicit cakes and attitudes that convey the message.The extensive rules for social interaction in China and Japan are a good example. In Such a culture one is supposed to know and follow these rules.

In A low context culture, like the Netherlands, there are few unwritten rules.One is expected to say what one means. Here too, the Netherlands is relatively extreme. The blunt Dutchman is a rightly stereotype. But we like that because you know what you have. We think it’s generally better to be direct and to continue with the things that are important, than to go through your entire protocols before you can finally make a point. We see this as a piece of freedom.

The Netherlands is perhaps the only country in the world where wildly strange people in the train feel allowed to comment on the fact that you have two different socks.Some people, incl. The Dutch themselves, will see the interference. But when we give Dutch comments on something we do that with the best intentions. The Netherlands is probably the only country in the world where ‘ n Wild stranger ‘ wants to help you avoid misunderstandings in your costumes in the future. It’s just how you look at D’r.

I hope you will give us a chance.It’s not always handy, but we don’t mean bad. And who knows, perhaps you will also learn to appreciate the peculiarities and charms of our special cultures. 🙂


[1 I-culture versus we-culture | ONLY BY ME

[2 High-Context and low-context cultures-Wikipedia

It is a percentage of the world’s population.

A friend of me, a pilot at Emirates, says that the place is with the most arrogant inhabitants in the world:


And he can know, because he sits there regularly.Success on your honeymoon with all those arrogant islanders.

For exactly the same reasons why some Germans, Belgians, Japanese and Argentines-to name a few-are so arrogant.

Arrogance is caused by the inability to learn to go with your own uncertainties.And you can find that with all nationalities and peoples back.

Belongs to human beings.

Is also opposed to the fact that another arrogant call in itself can be a sign of incapacity, thus a form of arrogance.Do not have a good reword, call the other but arrogant.

Anyway, once the term is arrogant, the conversation falls dead.

Because Dutchmen are people.And some people are arrogant. The Dutch are no exception.

A much-made mistake is then people who are confident are being exmitted to arrogant people.This is not only between countries but also in the Netherlands itself.

We give our opinion and sound positive, that is perceived by people who are more reluctant to be arrogant and therefore not open to other opinions.

And that is not open to other opinions, so the misconception, even if a Dutchman is quickly clear and explicit with it, they are still receptive to your opinion, but you have to pronounce them.

Can’t you say that of all the nations/groups, that some members are arrogant?Why Dutch?

I think it is more the choice between: arrogance/truth to want to hear.

It depends on what culture you are looking at.I know that Germans also find a Dutchman arrogant. We say too soon our opinion. We are very soon to the point. At Germans I have the impression that a social conversation is more like a discussion. It looks like they are all over in discussion. If then a Dutchman is in between and is direct to the point, they find that arrogant. How similar the Dutchman has.

I think that lies with your upbringing, the people you deal with, also many people have arrogance purely behind a computer screen.Often in real life, they are not heroes. But I think many people from “do-but-just” era have been going to resist too much. I think the Dutch are angry at the moment. I notice to many friends they are angry about politics, society and their opinion they can now give practically in all ways. You can express your anger on Facebook, in their groups, Twitter etc.

Arrogance only blooms when enough food is given.

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