Why are social media not popular in Germany?

Hardly one in three Germans uses social media

Source: Large differences in social media usage throughout the developed world

Why don’t the Germans tweet, facebook and snapchat like the rest of us?

(Yes, these are real German verbs.) [1

It all depends on the concern for privacy, says Sonja Utz, professor of social media communication at the University of Tübingen near Stuttgart, who conducts her studies on Dutch participants because she fears that there are not enough participants in Germany. to have.Given the not-too-distant memories of the Stasi, the secret police in the former communist east, the Germans are eager to keep their private lives secret from governments and major American technology companies. Overwriting details about one’s own private life is considered “narcissistic” in the notoriously restrained country, and the country’s above-average population (with an average age of 47 compared to 38 years in the US) also plays a role.

According to a Pew Research survey, only 37 percent of Germans say they use social networks, although the overall Internet utilization rate is comparable to that of countries like Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom (71 percent, 69 percent, and 61 percent). social media acceptance).In various surveys, Germany always ranks last in the lists of advanced Western countries when using websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing[2

Not in This Unexpected Country

Although marketers still use social media to appeal to young Germans, it plays a much smaller role in public life, either through celebrities or through politics.According to analysis firm Socialbakers, football star Mesut Özil’s 16 million followers make up the country’s third-largest Twitter audience, although in other countries he is far from the best football celebrities in the world. Clubs in Spain and England.

Educated Germans shun social media [3

The question is: why?

Source: twitter[4[5

Wouldn’t educated people have a higher income – and thus more devices and data plans – to surf social media in their spare time?

Or is it historic?

Have well-educated Germans better internalized the teachings of German history under Nazi and Communist rule? Do they therefore distrust the collection of their data more than in other countries?

Or is it rather a sign that the well-educated people in Germany are satisfied with their rustling newspapers, weekly magazines and evening news?Do they trust traditional German media sources? An extension of this argument is that educated people in countries such as Turkey or Hungary, whose media reports are less than flawless, are looking for raw, unfiltered, and accurate information that goes beyond state-controlled channels.


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