Why are so many West Germans afraid of the AfD?

I do not believe that West Germans are afraid of the AfD simply because they do not vote for the AfD to the same extent as their compatriots in the east.

Conversely, it does not mean that East Germans are bolder (although they are already playing with fire) than their Western compatriots simply because they vote AfD.

East Germans vote AfD because they are stupid!There is a term that I, as an East German, have been confronted with before.

“Ossidumm”: is a certain naivety that is peculiar to East Germans.A dangerous good faith, which is most likely still a relic of the GDR era. At that time, the party and the state were told who or what was good or evil.

So far, this kind of paternalism has been neglected by most parties.Until the AfD came. They have done exactly what the thinking East German provincial has longed for since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the GDR – someone who tells him who or what is good or evil.

I can still remember the gdr propaganda at the time, where it was said that the enemy comes from the West, that the war over there and we here want peace.

Even if there were purges against Nazis in the Soviet zone after the war, this does not mean that the issue has really been addressed.To wipe out all undesirable subjects, then to stand up and to erect an anti-fascist wall, the wall, and to be proud that one is a communist or, in the worst case, socialist, and therefore cannot be a fascist, is not enough! But there was no more on the subject of revising the Nazi era in the GDR, because the Nazis were fortunately on the other side of the fence.

If you didn’t have to deal with the subject, you don’t get to the point where you say, “But let’s just think, that’s the same way you think back then, “Damn, I almost sound like Adolf in Nuremberg!” ” if I have two beers in it!”

No, you don’t get to the point, because you would always be told, “We’re not fascists, so we don’t think like any.”

Now a party is preparing to appeal to such people.The party says exactly what people themselves think or think. want to hear. And the party has an ace up its sleeve. They already know who is to blame for everything. How practical! “And they think and say exactly the same as we do here in the East.” And because we are not fascists here in the East, they cannot be if they speak like we do!

Ossidumm.Stupid enough not to get to know that almost the entire leadership of this party from the “evil West” comes along quite intelligently and knows how to instrumentalize the bona fide mob.

I strongly assume that hardly any of the East German voters have bothered to read this party’s election manifesto.So they also do not know that the common Ossi (but also the common Wessi) falls behind in the whole project.

Short answer: the West Germans are not afraid, but are simply not as stupid as the East Germans!

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