Why are so many people often of the opinion that it was all better than it is today?

Older people learn less quickly and the changes in our society are sometimes difficult to keep up.I can cope fairly with a computer, but those rotations where younger people are always staring asocially, I will, I think, never appreciate. And that, of course, lies with me. I realise that.

That is not to say that there are no things to come where younger people would prefer to be outside, such as the threatening nature warming and its effects.

When I was a child, I spent a couple of weeks on holiday with my parents.When we got home, the front door car was wide open. We were in the hurry to go and forget to close on holiday. The neighbors had wondered why that door was open for weeks, but nothing was stolen. Would younger people agree with me now when I say that it was better at that point in the years 1950?

And yes, the Netherlands was an arm and rather a churchy country.

Can I still say this last?

I am not a psychologist or anything like that but from an article I read a few years back I could draw the following conclusion:

We tend to romantize the past.Bad things we forget easily, where we remember the good right.

I have been able to find this on the Internet:

It seems that it is especially the power of certain memories that will ensure that the elderly have the idea that everything was better before.

We tend to remember in old age especially the positive experiences of the past, the negative we give much less attention. 芒 鈧? (why was it all better before?| Consumer psychologist)

Idealization VH past.Only to the nicer and nicer things thinking back how it was.

I would also like to have lived a few hundred years back.

But not as a laborer (because that was of course horrible), and do with electricity, and toilet, I Phone, Internet, television (I’m very visual, so a screen I find great), and Modern doctors ed. Haha.Car doesn’t have me.

I don’t have to think about it without a modern dentist.Missing teeth at a young age. Because they were just pulled out if they weren’t good anymore. Or other things that are now quite easily remedied, and in the past you could cost your life.

But no one fantasizes about it when they are dreaming about the good old days.

I also think what many people find pleasant to the past is less population.The huge population 芒 鈧?虄explosie芒 鈧劉 worried a lot of people I think. Worried about the future, where it should go for their children and grandchildren. The world is not so great.

All is not quite correct. But I did see many things changing, not always for good. Long ago, when I was already alive, there were no computers, no vending machines.All work was done by people. And that brought people closer together, one needed more. Now I find, one sits between machines and automata, but who do not speak (yet), in the past you could save a chat during a work. Much more cosier. Now, for example, I push a button on the PC, and my letter (now mail) can be read by the addressee, and earlier? Then you needed ink, a pen and paper, before you could write a letter. Which served to be posted, and further ordered by the postman, usually lasted so slightly days. But you also had more contact with other people: the shopkeeper who sold your pen and paper, you had to walk to the mailbox, and finally that letter was ordered by a postman, in the past also with a babbling. Well, life used to be much quieter, calmer. When I see someone busy today, in a department store, for example, I always wonder, how long does it go to that pace. The pace was much lower in the past.

I had to be able to do everything back as it used to be, at the pace of the past, but with the knowledge of now. Was it better before?Much less hunting.

If you think of the past you will usually think of happy moments.Your brain suppresses less fun experiences. So when you think back to the past, you usually think of fun experiences while in the present time you mainly think of the problems that you have to come across.

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