Why are questions often answered so sarcastically here?

There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Many questions are asked again and again in the same or slightly modified form, so that at some point you have to assume that it is either a troll who wants to trash the platform, or that many questioners are simply not able to search function to determine that the question already exists in four hundred variants and has been answered six thousand times.

Example: “When will cash be abolished in Germany?” “Will cash ever be abolished in Germany?” “Is it planned to abolish cash in Germany?” “Can it happen that cash is abolished in Germany?” … The question comes about twice a week, for months. She is always answered in good spirits, but of course sometimes also sarcastic, because she just gets annoyed at some point.

  • Politically, ideologically, religiously tendentious suggestive questions often give the impression that someone here would use the platform to spread their opinion and somehow create a mood.
  • Since there are so many of them, one is (at least as I am) tired of answering it again and again. Popular topics are: atheism (e.g.: “Are atheists really smarter than religious people?”), climate change (e.g.: “Is climate change really a lie?”), capitalism (e.g.: “How long does it take for the capitalist system to collapse?”), political Extremism (e.g.: “Why is the X-Party always being bullied?”), sexism (e.g.: “If women are to earn more, they don’t have to do the same work, e.g. in the steel foundry?”), racism (e.g.: “Do people of color really have a lower IQ than whites?”) etc. Etc.

  • Narcissistquestions.
  • No, I don’t care about narcissism. Not at all. Not in the least. I am not going to answer a single question about that. Every narcissist question I am asked immediately gets a negative review from me.

  • Questions that are obviously asked out of laziness.
  • These can be homework (e.g.: “What is x if x – 8 = 2”) – Yes, please do your homework yourself, dear children, otherwise you will not learn anything in math, and that would be bad.
    Or questions that could be answered in 3 seconds via Google (e.g.: “How far is the Earth from the sun?”).Tip: Just enter the question on Google and the answer will appear immediately! You don’t have to wait for someone here to write an essay about it. In any case, you shouldn’t be surprised if people here simply reply: “Google is your best friend.”

  • Personal or denunciatory Questions: Seriously, why do some people think that they are spreading their private lives here or, even worse, the private lives of others?
  • Questions like “When were you cheated for the first time and by whom?” or “Has your partner ever spied on your phone?” I think is absolutely borderline, because they call for defamation. In these cases, I will only give sarcastic answers, if at all.

  • Questions that are noted that they come from the partner program because they act as swarms.
  • For example, “Where does oat milk come from?” and immediately afterwards “Where does almond milk come from?” and “Where does rice milk come from?” etc. Well, hm. Some seem to be testing how to make money with Quora the fastest. To the chagrin of other users.

  • Last but not least: Stupid questions.
  • Yes, they do exist. Before I started here, I thought there were no stupid questions, just stupid answers. I have had to change that mind. Secretly, I still hope that these questions come only from a powerful troll mafia with the best vandalism intentions, but I don’t really trust the trolls with that much creativity. Today’s example: “Is a stone a plant?” – How can you stay serious and not become sarcastic!? “No, a stone is a stone.” could be seen as a sarcastic answer. “A stone could be a plant if it lived. But he doesn’t live.” – no better.
    Another fine example: “Are premium smartphones too expensive?” – Yes, no, maybe?Are diamond rings too expensive? Are luxury cars too expensive? Too expensive for whom? For those they can’t afford? Of course, because otherwise it would not be premium smartphones, diamond rings or luxury cars, but cheap mass-produced goods.

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