Why are questions asked during a job application such as: ‘ What animal you would like to be. ‘?

I can only imagine that the author of the question thinks he has a gift to fathom your psychological profile within the duration of the conversation with weird questions.Or read a cheap booklet about conducting job interviews.

There is far too much psychologized throughout the job interview and it contributes very little to finding the right person for the job.

Take the RESUME. How often do employers not make all sorts of things out of the CV that are not at all in them?Non-connecting work experience is interpreted as a hole by your own guilt-you will be dismissed or unsuitable for any other reason. There are countless booklets, websites and courses that will teach you all the different rules about how a RESUME should be drawn up, but many managers assume the rules they have ever learned and link numerous bad traits to Cvs that Deviate from.

My advice to employers is to look in Cvs only on matters that you are enthusiastic about, who make you want to speak to a candidate.And if you speak the candidate, make it a nice conversation and not a manked psychological research.

Often the main reason for questions such as, “which ones would you like to be,” is not to fathom the answer.So usually not to attach a profiling value to the answer. Earlier, the interviewer is wondering how to deal with unexpected situations and whether you can think quickly and possibly whether you can quickly form arguments.

That is of course assuming that the interviewer has a bit of experience and/or thinks about interview strategy.Some interviewers do indeed, as another answer has already indicated because they have read it once in a booklet.

If I ask that question during a job application, then my answer will be, an animal which in all cases is not chained in a zoo and is exhibited for you for entertainment.Backward questioning and totally irrelevant in a job interview also not in a fabricated psychological manner. Just set up job related questions and don’t go psychologist because ultimately you work on HR.

This is probably the most important question during an interview.The interviewer would like to know:

1.Whether you are a bull in a porcelain cabinet.

2.Or as smooth as an eel.

3.Or a one-day flight.

4.Or a busy one.

5.Or the pink elephant in the room.

6.Or a sloth.

7.Or susceptible to mad cow disease.

8.Or a mother’s hen.

9.Or as a lamb.

In short, in the answer to this question, the monkey comes out of the sleeve.

I have never had so鈩?N question.Only the default what are your good features. What are your bad traits. But think I’m going to make a list of counterquestions in the future.

Which I animal I would like to be?Do I look like a furry?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?What are you going to eat next Monday?

What are your good and bad traits?In relation to what?

Etc, etc.

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