Why are planes so much safer than cars?

There are several factors.

First, there is the training of pilots.That is simply much better than that of many car drivers. Getting a driving licence is almost a formality; Pilot are certainly not. You will not enter the plane unless you are really fit to fly, and then only with a more experienced colleague next to you. You have to undergo a regular medical examination to keep flying. I think if every driver would be trained according to the same criteria as pilots the accident rate would certainly drop by 75%.This may not be realistic, but the factor is undeniable.

Secondly, there is the sense of responsibility, which is related to the above.Drunk driving is common and unfortunately still too much is accepted socially. Drunk flies would be totally unacceptable. Pilots are generally well aware of the responsibility they carry.

Thirdly, the air space is fully controlled and every movement must be planned and requested.Planes must keep a certain minimum distance from each other and traffic leaders are up to it. Systems such as TCAS are backed up. In traffic is the only factor that keeps two vehicles apart from the sight and alertness of the drivers. In the future, this will probably change when vehicles communicate with each other.

Fourthly, there is a safety culture in aviation in general.Accidents lead to thorough investigations that lead fairly consistently to implementations of better measures. Maintenance is done according to a strict schedule. Everything happens with checklists.

Fifthly, flies are not evident either.You don’t quickly bring the children to school after you have overslept with the plane while still sleeping half. A lot of accidents happen in a familiar environment because people are rushed and know the environment. This factor is less present on an airplane. A car is seen too much as an obviousness and too little as a vehicle that needs a skilled driver.

Continuous learning of accidents that result in new rules and the continuous monitoring of compliance with these rules.There are exceptions to this, as recently the accidents with the Boeing 737-MAX 8. Despite the fact that the final conclusion has yet to come from the reports, it is already clear that Boeing has made mistakes and is in the supervisor as well.

There is also the fact that the intrinsic thinking in commercial flies often puts prio on safety.Therefore you will always need at least 2 engines at airliners and 1 engine will have to be able to supply enough overcapacity to compensate for the loss of the other.

If this cannot be carried out at full weight, less weight will be taken on a flight.This can all be calculated and is very well respected by good societies.

The pilots have to be trained and tested 1芒 鈧?”2 (sometimes more) in the simulator for knowledge and skills.And there are always backup/systems (often more than 1 backup) for critical systems.

Aircraft maintenance is also done very differently from Auto芒 鈧劉 s, both in terms of quality and frequency!If auto芒 鈧劉 s would be maintained as an airplane and the training and compliance rules would be identical, it would probably be just as safe on the road

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